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  • Airport project advances to bid

    Nathan Price|Mar 25, 2024

    The New Rockford City Commission has taken the next step towards a project that would revitalize the city’s airport, Tomlinson Field. The airport was severely damaged during a 2018 wind storm, and in the years since has become overgrown and inadequate for air traffic. At least that was the conclusion of the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission (NDAC) – a government body tasked with supporting and ensuring the safety of aviation activities in the state. The NDAC conducted an inspection of Tom...

  • Easter activities in town this week!

    Nathan Price|Mar 25, 2024

    As the month of March draws to a close, the Easter Bunny is looking forward to its favorite holiday! Here in New Rockford, there will be several Easter activities for local residents and youth to participate in. In addition to the Chamber's annual hunt for the "golden egg," there will be a community-wide Easter egg hunt put together by Mindy's Clubhouse and Wonder Lanes bowling alley, to take place at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 30. The event will be a "free for all" for children ages 1-12, and...

  • Broasted Chicken Fundraiser April 2

    Nathan Price|Mar 25, 2024

    After heavy snowfall resulted in its collapse back in December of 2022, plans were unveiled late last year for rebuilding the historic Rockford Theatre in downtown New Rockford. With the only surviving portions of the 100-year-old structure being its iconic Rockford sign and marquee, the plan is to build an entirely new and improved theatre that still retains its history and honors its past. However, rebuilding the theatre comes with a considerable cost, which is why fundraising efforts are...

  • NRABC recognized for Main Street Excellence

    Nathan Price|Mar 25, 2024

    The New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation (NRABC) continues to be recognized for their efforts to support the community of New Rockford. Their latest acknowledgment comes from the Governor of North Dakota himself, who has chosen the NRABC as this year's recipient of the prestigious Main Street Excellence Award. Every year, the Governor awards the Main Street Excellence Award to one rural and one urban community or "community champions" in North Dakota, whose efforts embody the four pillars...

  • District 14 Dem-NPL hold convention in Harvey

    Mar 25, 2024

    Trygve Hammer pounded out a strong message to an engaged crowd at the Harvey Armory on Sunday afternoon. He is running for North Dakota’s open House seat in the U.S. Congress. His style of communication was “encouraging” to Patti Patrie of Bowdon, and others in attendance at the District 14 Dem-NPL Convention. Hammer and his wife Kelli have been visiting communities across the state getting to know people and explaining why he would like to represent North Dakota in the U.S. House. He shared how his life experience makes him uniquely quali...

  • Resources for Veterans: March 25, 2024

    Julie Schrock|Mar 25, 2024

    All Vietnam-era veterans should contact Eddy County Veteran Service Officer Julie Shrock for a Welcome Home coin. Coin description On the front of the coin, the words "State of North Dakota" is placed chief on the coin. The Vietnam Service Ribbon is fess on the coin overlapped by an image of the country of Vietnam, which runs pale. The words "Welcome Home" are base on the coin. On the back of the coin, a border of 238 dots representing the known North Dakota lives lost in Vietnam lies on the...

  • You can save more for retirement in 2024

    Devin Melvie|Mar 25, 2024

    As an investor, one way you can enhance your long-term retirement security is to fully leverage the potential of tax-advantaged retirement savings vehicles. Each year, the IRS releases new guidelines on the amount of money you can contribute to these accounts. New contribution limits in 2024 allow you to save even more this year through plans such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s and IRAs. Changes to workplace savings limits Contribution limits for workplace retirement accounts have been raised by $500 for the year 2024. In 2024, the IRS allows pre-tax...

  • Pleasant Prairie: March 25, 2024

    Charlotte Koepplin|Mar 25, 2024

    Last Wednesday, visitors bringing dinner to the Charlotte Koepplin home were Karen Koepplin and Kenna. Last Friday, Jimmy Indergaard enjoyed a dinner out with his sister Sharon Laxdal and friend Keith. Margie Anderson enjoyed a visit from Dennis Swanson one day. Sunday afternoon visitors at the Charlotte Koepplin home were Janelle Koepplin and Finley. They enjoyed visiting over pizza for supper, Janelle's treat. Saturday, Jimmy Indergaard was a visitor and supper guest at the Andy and Ruth Braaten home. He returned on Sunday for supper and a...

  • Sheyenne: March 25, 2024

    Patti Clifton|Mar 25, 2024

    On Tuesday March 12, Patti Larson, Bill Smith, Brenda Rue, Shirley Myhre and several others on the Extension Advisory Council met to go over spring and summer programming and planning for Eddy County. Parents and kids may be interested in the many 4-H camps scheduled for this summer. Different camps are STEM, adventure, woodworking, horse, wildlife, chef and more! Youth do not have to be 4-H members to participate. Scholarships are available if cost is a burden. Registrations are filling up fast. Go to

  • Talk of the Town: March 25, 2024

    Charlotte Koepplin|Mar 25, 2024

    David and Karen Anderson drove to Devils Lake Sunday evening where they visited with Mitch and Amber Sylling and boys. Eloise Lucht had some good news after an appointment with her eye doctor in Minot on Tuesday. Calvin Packard and mom, Shirley, drove to Devils Lake on business and pleasure Friday. They enjoyed Chinese dinner, did some shopping and enjoyed supper at The View at Spirit Lake Casino. Ash Wednesday visitor bearing a treat of peppernise cookies at the Ken and Marvis Holte home was Alice Norton. Amanda Bickett stopped in for a...

  • 701 Rundown: March 25, 2024

    Nathan Price|Mar 25, 2024

    Here’s your weekly rundown of some of the most interesting headlines from newspapers across North Dakota. Reeling in a big catch Mike Koenig of Carrington started his taxidermy career as a hobby, and said of the intervening years since, "[It's] grown into much more than that." Twenty-three years into that first plunge into the art of trophy wildlife presentation, one outstanding entry of Koenig's work has been honored as the best of its kind in the state. At the North Dakota Taxidermists A...

  • N.D. short of common good

    Lloyd Omdahl|Mar 25, 2024

    Common good are those things that emphasize community, as compared to individual good which emphasizes self. Every level of civic society – national, state and local – needs common good to negotiate and provide the services to everyone in its jurisdiction. The national government must provide security, goods and services; state government supplements the national good with another level of security, goods and services; the county government adds administration while also providing local assistan...

  • What's with all the big stuff?

    Peter Funt|Mar 25, 2024

    After years of trying to develop what he called a “premium” hamburger, McDonald’s CFO Ian Borden surprised no one the other day by announcing that the company’s new focus is not making burgers better, just a lot bigger. The move won’t please nutritionists, but it fits perfectly with a growing desire among Americans for super-sized stuff. Consider ads for the 2024 Chevrolet Suburban boasting that, at 18 feet in length, the vehicle is “impossible to ignore.” Chevy refers to its massive SUV a...

  • Government by judiciary: the Four Horsemen, in the saddle, exert influence and thwart new deal programs

    David Adler|Mar 25, 2024

    The remarkable influence of the Four Horsemen, as demonstrated by their success in thwarting on constitutional grounds President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal plans to resuscitate an economy brought to its knees by the Great Depression, reminds us of the capacity, for better or worse, of the Supreme Court to rewrite Alexander Hamilton’s modest description of the judiciary as the “least dangerous branch.” The pitched battle between the Four Horsemen – Willis Van Devanter, James McReynolds, George Sutherland and Pierce Butler – and Preside...

  • Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

    Kathy O'Connor|Mar 25, 2024

    This is a continuation of Block 3 of St. John's Cemetery. This part includes three more of the 12 unmarked graves in Block 3 – Alphonse Weimals, Mrs. John Weimals, John Weimals, Peter Jansen and John (Oldred) Alldred. Alphonse Weimals: Alphonse Weimals was born May 1891 in New Rockford, N.D. to John and Anna Marie Weimals. In the 1900 census he was living in the village of New Rockford, N.D. with his parents (John and Anna) and six siblings, Clement, Leo, Ludwina, Veronica, Crescentia and Clothilda. He was nine years old and attending s...

  • Sermonette: It is finished and new life has begun

    Pastor Amy Kippen|Mar 25, 2024

    Jesus said, “It is finished.” Then he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. – John 19:30 Now, if this is where our story stopped, we would not be living as people of the resurrection. We would be stunted at the crossroads, having no clue where to go and what to do. We would not know who we are or where we were going. But thanks be to God, that is not where our story ends, that is just the beginning. God does something miraculous through Jesus Christ, so we are able to shout with joy-filled hearts on Easter Sunday, "CHRIST IS RISEN!" He is no...

  • Utah or bust

    Mar 25, 2024

    The Rocket archery team was 72 strong at the North Dakota State NASP Tournament on March 15 and 16. Competing in both bullseye and 3D, the locals represented New Rockford-Sheyenne well. The 26-member elementary team had a banner day, with several archers shooting their personal best scores in bullseye. The team was rewarded for their efforts with the state championship in bullseye. In the team competition, the top 12 scores are accumulated (including at least four girls and four boys) to come...

  • Track season begins

    Kyrie Dauenhauer|Mar 25, 2024

    The New Rockford-Sheyenne track and field season has officially started, with a few new athletes competing. The Rockets competed in the Fighting Hawk Classic at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks on Saturday, March 16. With the new co-op with Fort Totten, the Rockets added three more athletes to their roster for this meet – seniors Deng Deng and Delray Demarce and freshman Micah Dutch. Deng competed in the 60-meter dash, long jump and the 4x200-meter relay. Top placing came from t...

  • History of New Rockford: March 25, 2024

    K.C. Gardner Jr.|Mar 25, 2024

    On Oct. 19, 1906, Dr. Fred A. Douglas, who had worked as a partner of Dr. Charles MacLachlan since around July 1, left to start a practice in a new location. Jacob Kebler departed for a winter in Old Mexico. Mrs. E.S. Severtson left for a visit to her old home, Shakopee, and other Minnesota places. On October 20, Harry Burt came over from Fessenden, where he was employed, to visit; he returned the next day. James Davidson left for Orting, Wash., where he and his family would live after 20 years...

  • Archival Anecdotes: A cross-section of time

    Rachel Brazil|Mar 25, 2024

    When Eddy County Museum was founded in 1965, there was a great sense of urgency among community organizations, civic clubs and individual supporters. They knew times were changing. A modern era was taking hold, and American life would never be the same. For those that donated items during those early years, we are grateful. These artifacts create the backbone of our little museums. For the volunteers who didn't record more information from the donors, we completely understand. In the 1970s,...

  • Savvy Senior: Who should be screened for lung cancer?

    Jim Miller|Mar 25, 2024

    Dear Savvy Senior, Who should be screened for lung cancer and how it’s covered by Medicare? I used to smoke but quit many years ago and am wondering if I need to be tested. Just Turned 65 Dear Just Turned, Even if you haven’t touched a cigarette in decades, you could still be due for an annual lung cancer screening, based on new recommendations from the American Cancer Society (ACS). The new guidelines state that adults ages 50 to 80 who currently smoke or used to smoke the equivalent of one...

  • Mar 25, 2024

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