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  • Paving the way

    Sep 12, 2022

    The long-anticipated results of the New Rockford Street Improvement Project are finally taking shape. After weeks of milling and other preparations, Bituminous Paving began paving streets on Tuesday, Sept. 7. Crews started on 5th Avenue North with the intention to complete paving on the west end of the railroad tracks in New Rockford by week's end, according to Wade Senger of Interstate Engineering. For residents on the west side of the tracks, that means the daily struggle of avoiding road...

  • Leagues return to Wonder Lanes

    Nathan Price|Sep 12, 2022

    Bowling leagues are finally making their return to Wonder Lanes. Leagues haven't taken place at Wonder Lanes since the spring of 2020, when operations ground to a halt because of the COVID pandemic. The New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation (NRABC) purchased the bowling that fall after longtime owners Leroy and Pat Krueger decided to retire, and then raised more than $300,000 to renovate the space. Those renovations turned Wonder Lanes into one of the most modern bowling alleys in North Dakot...

  • Photos available for purchase

    Nathan Price|Sep 12, 2022

    It’s long been a tradition to cut out a nice photo in the newspaper, perhaps of your kids or of a relative, to remember the time they made the front page or got a good tackle during that week’s football game. However, the photos that actually make it into the print newspaper are only a fraction of the high-quality pics the Transcript takes every week. Over the course of a football game, for example, the photographer is likely to capture dozens of excellent photos, most of which, of course, can...

  • One-of-a-kind engine to take spotlight at 64th Steam Threshers Reunion

    Nathan Price|Sep 12, 2022

    For many residents in New Rockford, a.k.a. the steam engine capital of North Dakota, and in the surrounding community, the month of September can only mean one thing: It's finally time for the Steam Threshers Reunion. From September 16-18, the 64th annual Central North Dakota Steam Threshers Reunion (CNDSTR) will take place at the Eddy County Fairgrounds, and once again attendees will have an opportunity to meet a very special and rare engine. This year's feature is Rumley, a company founded in...

  • Street special assessments revised; Final hearing is Oct. 3

    Sep 12, 2022

    The Special Assessment Committee presented its revised list to the city commission on Wednesday, Sept. 7. Revisions to the Special Assessment list will be posted on the City of New Rockford’s website, there will also be a copy available to view at City Hall. The Special Assessment Committee discovered corner lots may not have been assessed in accordance to their street address, therefore several parcels were changed to reflect the address side. The SAC adjusted other parcels as appropriate. The New Rockford City Commission will now hold its p...

  • Nostalgia

    Sep 12, 2022

    Polly Ramstad, Alicia Vorland, Bonnie Byberg, Sandy Bekken, Lainie Toso, and Deb Belquist perform "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" at the New Rockford Central School gym. The group of women came together in the early '80s and performed at a variety of events. They organized concerts and programs. This particular number was performed at a Founder's Day celebration....

  • Dakota Gardener: A lesson in planting zucchini

    Carrie Knutson|Sep 12, 2022

    As most gardeners are, I am overly excited at planting time. If I have the room and the weather cooperates, I usually plant way more than I can eat and preserve. One never knows what the growing season will bring, and you don’t want to be short on vegetables! One vegetable that I have learned the hard way not to over plant is zucchini. Zucchini is a member of the Cucurbitaceae or gourd family. This family includes pumpkins, squashes, cucumbers and melons. Zucchini is also called summer squash as it is harvested when it is immature and the s...

  • All Breeds Cattle Tour by NDSA will feature Cooperstown-area breeders

    Sep 12, 2022

    Eight of the area's premier seedstock producers will be featured on the North Dakota Stockmen's Association's (NDSA) 35th annual All Breeds Cattle Tour Oct. 3 in the Cooperstown, N.D., area. “We are thrilled to welcome all to attend the 35th annual All Breeds Cattle Tour,” said Tour Chairman Kelly Hanson of Hannaford, N.D. “A variety of different breeds will be showcased on the tour, along with hosts who are committed to producing high-quality cattle that will be profitable in both seedstock and commercial settings.” Registration begins...

  • 701 Rundown: September 12, 2022

    Nathan Price|Sep 12, 2022

    Here’s your weekly rundown of some of the most interesting headlines from newspapers across North Dakota. Shack-tastic Hungry customers jonesing for their caffeinated fix in the mornings have found a willing portable provider in Brittany Fieiger’s Happy Camper in the past few years. After hauling the charming old pink trailer behind her pickup in front of Farmers Union Insurance/Harildstad Tax Service, or setting up her business at local events, Fiebiger wanted a more permanent location to sel...

  • Sheyenne News: September 12, 2022

    Patti Clifton|Sep 12, 2022

    Friday afternoon, Patti Clifton kept an appointment at Carrington Health Center and then did a little shopping. Last Thursday, the Warwick Girls met at the Sheyenne Senior Center for lunch provided by the New Rockford ladies of the group. There was lots of visiting and some of the ladies later worked on a jigsaw puzzle. Saturday morning, Greg and Cindy Hegland stopped at the home of Patti Clifton. Granddaughter Ella, daughter of Ty and Kiersten Hegland of Fargo, was with them to visit with Patti. Ella is a very cute and active 2-year-old, so sw...

  • Talk of the Town: September 12, 2022

    Charlotte Koepplin|Sep 12, 2022

    New Rockford and area folks extend sympathy to the Overby and Sinkler families. Shirley Packard enjoyed daughters, Cindy Toben and Cheryl Gabbert, as house guests and helpers from Monday to Thursday this past week. Cindy treated all to supper Monday at the Prairie Inn in Carrington. Tuesday supper was Champ’s Chicken from Mick’s, Cheryl’s treat; and Wednesday the gals drove to Spirit Lake where Shirley treated them to supper at The View. The girls left for their homes in Minesota Thursday, after several fun fruitful days with mom. They check...

  • Within Our Walls: September 12, 2022

    Jodi Hovdenes|Sep 12, 2022

    September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Several Carrington entities came together to organize Carrington’s first ever Walk to Fight Suicide on Sunday, September 11. Our community and surrounding communities have been impacted too much by suicide and its ripple effects. Our goal is to bring awareness of the prevalence of suicide, and how we can all help to prevent it. I want to share with you some statistics regarding suicide just to exhibit how big of a problem this really is. Did you know that there are approximately 130 deaths by s...

  • Pleasant Prairie News: September 12, 2022

    Charlotte Koepplin|Sep 12, 2022

    Brief visitors Sunday afternoon at the Charlotte Koepplin home were Janet Laube and YipYip. Visitors at the Margie Anderson home Sunday were Karen Anderson and grandsons, Weston and Boden Sylling. Thursday at the Charlotte Koepplin home were Shirley Packard and Pastor Richard Biberdorf. Pastor gave the ladies Holy Communion and they enjoyed visiting over lunch. Margie Anderson, Elvie Jones, and Jean Lessner drove to Bremen on Saturday where they were among those who attended the funeral service for Joyce Pranke at the Lutheran Church. Brief...

  • New Rockford-Sheyenne Board of Education Agenda: Monday, September 12, 2022

    Sep 12, 2022

    AGENDA New Rockford-Sheyenne Board of Education Regular Meeting – Cafeteria Monday, September 12th, 2022, 7:00 p.m. I.  REGULAR ITEMS  A. Call to order, roll call, establishment of quorum, and approval of agenda.  B. Consent agenda. Attachments. Discussion. Motion.   1. Approve minutes of August 8th, 2022 regular meeting   2. Business Manager’s report.    a. Balance Sheet.    b. General Fund Revenue Report.    c. General Fund Expenditure Report.    d. Building Fund.    e. Sinking and Interest Fund.    f. Food Service Fund. ... Full story

  • The danger of silencing words

    Christine Flowers|Sep 12, 2022

    I've been called a lot of things in my life, some of them endearing, most of them not. When Barack Obama referred to conservatives like me as people who cling to our guns and religion, I was offended. Later, when Hillary Clinton called conservatives who weren't going to vote for her a "basket of deplorables," it looked as if another Democrat was employing crude, awkward rhetoric to gin up her base. It had the opposite effect, which helped put another guy in office who wasn't shy about insulting...

  • A little Homecoming nostalgia

    Amy Wobbema|Sep 12, 2022

    I have a song by Kenny Chesney in my head right now, “The Boys of Fall.” “Standin' in the huddle listenin' to the call “Fans goin' crazy for the boys of fall” Yes, it's Homecoming, and this time of year, I drift back to the autumns of my youth. I’m a football fan to the core. It’s one of the only things I actually like about the fall season, in fact, other than the beauty of the leaves changing color. If I’m home and there’s a game to watch, it’s probably on the flat screen in my living room. Th...

  • Shelley v. Kraemer: "My Little Soul is Overjoyed"

    David Adler|Sep 12, 2022

    In 1947, in the context of changing attitudes about race and a historic shift in federal policy on the practice of segregation in housing, punctuated by President Harry S. Truman’s spirited attack on discrimination in America, the Supreme Court delivered a landmark decision in Shelley v. Kraemer that rendered racial covenants unenforceable. In a 6-0 opinion authored by Chief Justice Fred Vinson, the Court destroyed the most efficient and systematic tool for maintaining Jim Crow traditions and denying racial minorities from accessing decent h...

  • Obituary: Carmen Paulson

    Sep 12, 2022

    Carmen Paulson Maddock, N.D. Carmen Jean Togstad Paulson, 96, of Maddock, N.D. passed away Sunday September 4, 2022 at Heartland Care Center in Devils Lake, N.D. Funeral Services were held at 2:00 p.m. Thursday September 8, 2022 at the Viking Lutheran Church in rural Maddock with Pastor Mike Flowers officiating. Visitation was one hour prior to the service at the church. Burial took place in the Viking Lutheran Church Cemetery. Heaven gained a beautiful soul when Carmen passed away Sunday...

  • Sermonette: God's Playbook Series #2

    Pastor Joe Greiner|Sep 12, 2022

    This September, we are examining God’s Playbook. We’re looking at the various choices and decisions that God has made preserved in the Bible. Plays God has run, that we would be wise to expect he might run again. If you open your Bibles to the very first page of the New Testament, what you’ll find is a list of names. Matthew chapter 1 begins with the genealogy of Jesus, the Messiah. In that list you’ll find some absolute studs. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Hezekiah, and Josiah, to name a few of the absolute rock stars of God-followers you’ll...

  • Living on Purpose: God builds His temple with living stones

    Billy Holland|Sep 12, 2022

    As a Christian faith writer, I am blessed with God providing me with spiritual insights and considerations to relay to others. He creates opportunities for me to share, however, what I do is not anything more special than how millions of other Christians are serving Him, and I humbly acknowledge that most are more talented and effective than myself. I’m just a small piece of a large puzzle, one voice among many who is pointing toward the one who has all authority, who created everything, and k...

  • Savvy Senior: How to find travel companions for older travelers

    Jim Miller|Sep 12, 2022

    Dear Savvy Senior, I am interested in finding some type of travel escort service to help my elderly parents fly across the country. My son is getting married in the fall and would love for my parents to attend, but they’re both in their 80s with health issues, so they’ll need help getting there. Can you direct me to any travel services that can help us? Looking for Assistance Dear Looking, Traveling can be challenging under the best circumstances, but for seniors with medical problems, phy...

  • History of New Rockford: September 12, 2022

    K.C. Gardner Jr.|Sep 12, 2022

    On May 8 and 9, 1905, Misses Nell and Mabel Sheehy of Carrington were visiting Miss Mame Sheehy. From May 8 to 11, Father W.A. Gallahue was in Fargo. On May 9, despite inclement weather, almost all the eligible voters in town turned out to cast their ballots on the incorporation question, which was defeated by 22 votes. Dr. John Crawford came down from Esmond to visit. Miss Jennie Hendry arrived from Valley City to take over the position of the central operator at the telephone office from Miss...

  • A deafening Thunder clap

    Kyrie O'Connor|Sep 12, 2022

    After the Medina/Pingree-Buchanan Thunder took a close loss to the New Rockford-Sheyenne Rockets last season, the Thunder came back this season looking for revenge. And that's just what M/P-B got: bitter sweet revenge. The Thunder struck right at the start, with big blocks coming from sophomore middle blocker, Maddie Gefroh, and kills that stung from outside hitter, Allison Thomas. But those two weren't the only outstanding players for the Thunder. Brynn Sorenson and Kelsey Vandeberge also...

  • Dakota Recreation Report: September 12, 2022

    Patricia Stockdill|Sep 12, 2022

    Outdoor notes: *Hunters are reminded to put identification on tree stands and blinds when set up on N.D. Game & Fish Dept. WMAs. *PLOTS guide now available online at the Game & Fish Dept. website with printed editions also available at vendors. *Anglers reminded to follow ANS regulations, including draining live wells and removing plugs. *Applications such as Onyx now have updated electronic posting information for the upcoming 2022 hunting season. *Sept. 16: Youth deer season opens. *Sept. 17:...

  • Tornadoes blow past Rockets

    Nathan Price|Sep 12, 2022

    On Friday, Sept. 2, the New Rockford-Sheyenne Rockets took on an old nemesis: the Cavalier Tornadoes. Though NR-S had just come off an impressive win the week prior, the Rockets undoubtedly faced a tougher challenge against Cavalier, who are pegged as one of the best 9-man football teams in North Dakota and are expected to compete for this year's state title. To make matters more difficult, Rockets Head Coach Elliott Belquist wasn't on his team's sideline, as he traveled to Nebraska to watch...

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