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  • Grace City teen struck, killed in McHenry vehicular incident

    Nathan Price|Sep 26, 2022

    In the early morning hours of Sunday, Sept. 18, tragedy struck in McHenry, N.D., when a pedestrian was hit and killed shortly after the McHenry Days street dance. According to a press release from the N.D. Highway Patrol, 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson of Grace City, N.D., was killed after being struck by 41-year-old Shannon Joseph Brandt of McHenry, driving a 2003 Ford Explorer. The collision occurred at approximately 2:55 a.m. while Ellingson was walking on Jones Street, directly east of...

  • Weber joins Nicolai Chiropractic Center

    Nathan Price|Sep 26, 2022

    Nicolai Chiropractic Center, P.C. is welcoming a new, yet familiar chiropractor to the practice. Dr. Kimberly Weber, née Thompson, a graduate of New Rockford High School, will be joining Nicolai Chiropractic beginning Monday, Oct. 3. Weber, a mother of three daughters, has been living in the area with her family since 2016, but had been working at Qual Chiropractic in Jamestown since graduating from Logan University as a Doctor of Chiropractic. "I started a little bit in a different community,...

  • Maddock man arrested after high speed chase

    Nathan Price|Sep 26, 2022

     On Friday, Sept. 16, a routine traffic stop in New Rockford escalated into a chase reaching speeds that exceeded 110 miles per hour.  According to court documents, 20-year-old Logan Dean Gigstad, a resident of Maddock, fled after Deputy Bennett Suave of the Eddy County Sheriff’s Department attempted to pull him over at around 11 p.m. Friday night.  Gigstad was allegedly seen at a stop sign, before accelerating away at a high rate of speed westbound on Central Avenue in New Rockford.  When t...

  • Local veterans take Honor Flight

    Sep 26, 2022

     Dale Rosenberg, New Rockford, and John Lee, Carrington, were among the 11th Honor Flight out of Grand Forks International Airport, Grand Forks, N.D.  One-hundred and seven Korean and Vietnam veterans were flown to Washington D.C., leaving on Sunday, September 11 and returning back at Grand Forks International Airport on Tuesday evening at around 8 p.m.  Each veteran could bring a companion or caregiver along and Dale Rosenberg's daughter, Jessica Alonge, Jamestown, N.D., joined him on this...

  • Sales tax revenue up considerably in 2nd quarter

    Amy Wobbema|Sep 26, 2022

     Tax Commissioner Brian Kroshus released data on North Dakota’s taxable sales and purchases for the second quarter of 2022 on Sept. 14, which are up 11.5 percent compared to the same timeframe in 2021. Taxable sales and purchases for April, May, and June of 2022 were $5.9 billion.  “The report shows a strong year-over-year taxable sales and purchases increase,” said Kroshus. “This is the fifth consecutive quarter that North Dakota has seen double-digit growth in taxable sales and purchases....

  • Courthouse fire safety discussed by commission

    Nathan Price|Sep 26, 2022

     On Tuesday, Sept. 20, Eddy County Commissioners discussed alarming concerns regarding fire safety at the county’s courthouse.  Ahead of fire prevention month, in October, Eddy County Emergency Manager Lisa Thompson said she was reviewing the courthouse’s current plans in case of a fire, intending to update names and numbers where necessary.  But she first came across a part of the plan that states, “in the case of a fire, pull the alarm.”  She told commissioners she didn’t recall where the...

  • Eagles donate to local sheriff

    Sep 26, 2022

     Midway Aerie 2923 recently made a charitable donation to the Eddy County Sheriff's Office for equipment and supplies. Donations like these are made possible through charitable gaming funds from the Eagles Club in New Rockford. Pictured: Eagles Manager Sierra Hillius presents a check for $7,000 to Jesse Anderson of the Eddy County Sheriff's Office....

  • Mention the Unmentionables – for moms!

    Sep 26, 2022

    Moms matter. And so does their health.  Jamestown Regional Medical Center (JRMC) is making education easy for busy moms to access at the Mention the Unmentionables event on Thursday, Oct. 6.  “Questions about women’s health can feel embarrassing,” said OB/GYN Dr. Emily Stromquist. “Mention the Unmentionables is an opportunity for moms to learn about their bodies, especially in their child-bearing years.”  Dr. Stromquist joined JRMC in 2022. She and the OB/GYN team – Dr. Gregg McAdoo and Nurse Practitioner Makenzie Breitbach – offer 24/7 spec...

  • Worried About the Stock Market? Here's How to Reduce Your Investment Risk

    Devin Melvie, Financial Advisor, Legacy Financial Partners|Sep 26, 2022

     During times of market volatility like we've seen since the start of 2022, it's natural to feel a bit skittish about the stock market. It's a potent reminder that there are risks to stock ownership. Individual stocks are not guaranteed to grow and may lose value. The good news is that the stock market has historically delivered a higher rate of return than other forms of investment in the same timeframe. With this in mind, there are strategies you can deploy to help insulate your portfolio f...

  • Towner County Sheriff releases more details about August triple murder suicide

    Sep 26, 2022

     The Investigation into the deaths of Doug Dulmage, Justin Bracken, Richard Bracken and Robert Bracken, to-date, has revealed that there was a dispute between brothers Robert Bracken and Richard Bracken, which had been escalating for a week or more prior to the events of August 29, 2022.  The investigating agencies are now in possession of preliminary autopsy results which indicate that Doug Dulmage, Justin Bracken and Richard Bracken all perished as a result of multiple fatal gunshot wounds.  Robert Bracken had one fatal, self-inflicted gunsh...

  • 701 Rundown: September 26, 2022

    Nathan Price|Sep 26, 2022

     Here’s your weekly rundown of some of the most interesting headlines from newspapers across North Dakota.  Five-year goal set for new Fessenden fire hall  A Fire Hall Feast was prepared and served to close to 100 supporters during the Fessenden Fire Protection District’s fundraising event held Sept. 4 in Fessenden.  The department is raising the funds to build a new fire hall, something Fire Chief Bruce LaPlant said has been talked about for years. The department has decided now is the time to...

  • Talk of the Town: September 26, 2022

    Charlotte Koepplin|Sep 26, 2022

     Shirley Packard had good news following an eye appointment in Fargo on Thursday. Linda Lies of Fargo came to the eye clinic and visited with Shirley.  Wednesday, Ken and Marvis Holte were among the Young at Heart gathering at the Trinity Lutheran church in Carrington. They enjoyed the country guitar music of Brian Nelson, visiting and lunch.  Shirley Packard did some necessary shopping around town via the transit bus one day and kept a medical appointment Tuesday in Carrington.  Wednesday, Eloise Lucht was in Carrington on medical busines...

  • Pleasant Prairie News: September 26, 2022

    Charlotte Koepplin|Sep 26, 2022

     Jimmy Indergaard enjoed visiting and supper on Sunday with his uncle Mervin Indergaard and cousin Vicki Magill. Tuesday and Friday he was a visitor and supper guest at the Andy and Ruth Braaten home.  Wednesday, Charlotte Koepplin drove to Harvey where she had a medical appointment.  House guests this past week at the Tim and Bobbi Jo Indergaard home have been Eugene Weisenburger and daughter Nancy Huber. Eugene treated family and friends to supper at the New Rockford golf club Saturday. Those who enjoyed each others company were Eugene, Nancy...

  • Sheyenne News: September 26, 2022

    Patti Clifton|Sep 26, 2022

     Last Wednesday, Patti Clifton kept an appointment in New Rockford and also did a few errands there as well.  Thursday, Jeneen Loe of Washburn and Jan Loe accompanied nieces Liz Hagen of Fargo and Marsha Bollingberg of Courtney to Billings, Mont., to visit with Faye Loe. Also visiting at Faye's were her daughter and son-in-law Carlene and Joe Doupe, Auburn, Calif., and their son Adam Doupe. It was a great three days of catching up, lots of laughter, some shopping and eating! On the way home on Sunday, they stopped to visit with Ellen Bur...

  • Senior Meals: September 26-30

    Sep 26, 2022

    Monday: Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, and peach sauce.  Tuesday: Chili with corn bread, coleslaw, and carrot cake.  Wednesday: BBQ on a bun with tater tots, corn, and fruit salad.  Thursday: Chicken dijon with garlic potatoes, LS vegetable and crunch cranberry salad.  Friday: Philly cheesesteak sandwich on a bun with a LS vegetable and fruit compote....

  • Life is a series of volleys

    Amy Wobbema|Sep 26, 2022

     I attended an NR-S vs. Carrington volleyball match as publisher of both newspapers for the first time on Thursday, Sept. 15.  I saw administrators and school board members of both schools at the match, not to mention plenty of readers and advertisers, a good crowd overall. My daughter is a varsity starter for the Rockets, so that added another element. Of course, I was wearing columbia blue and black, but I was paying close attention to both teams that night.  The match was intense, proba...

  • On winning the lottery

    Tom Purcell|Sep 26, 2022

    I bought my first lottery ticket recently.  It was a $20 scratch-off that paid me a $40 prize.  Winning produced a nice little thrill, so I bought another $20 ticket right away. And lost.  I put out $40 to win $40 that day.  I’ve bought three $20 scratch-offs since then and won nothing.  To date, I’ve paid out $100 to win $40.  The house always wins in the end.  Still, some people enjoy big paydays playing the state-sponsored lotteries.  I know a fellow who hit twice for over $100,000 or so...

  • We the People: The Court Protects the American Labor Movement

    David Adler|Sep 26, 2022

     In a stunning decision on April 12, 1937, with enormous constitutional, economic and societal importance, the U.S. Supreme Court, in National Labor Relations Board v. Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation, upheld a law that transformed workers’ rights and labor relations.  The Wagner Act of 1935 guaranteed the right of workers to organize labor unions. It also aimed to protect the right of employees to bargain collectively with their employers. The statute defined types of interference with these rights as unfair labor practices and empow...

  • Sermonette: God's Playbook Series #4

    Pastor Joe Greiner|Sep 26, 2022

     This September, we are examining God’s Playbook. We’re looking at the various choices and decisions that God has made preserved in the Bible. Plays God has run, that we would be wise to expect he might run again.  When we talk about monumental moments in God’s plan, one of the moments that ought to make the list every time is God freeing his people from Egypt. Israel had grown from 12 brothers into an entire nation; but in the process, they had become slaves of Egypt. Then God sends Moses to perform 10 of the most dramatic miracles in the Bi...

  • Living on Purpose: A lifestyle of solitude and simplicity

    Billy Holland|Sep 26, 2022

     There is much to be desired when it comes to spending time alone. It’s only been in the last few years that the floodgates of voices have been opened to everyone at any time. Yes, we can see there have been written scrolls from thousands of years ago, and books were printed around the year 1200, but this information was not widely circulated. Through the years printing continued to expand and when newspapers became available, the masses were given a new realm that would inspire and inf...

  • NR-S Homecoming 2022

    Sep 26, 2022

    NR-S held their annual Homecoming Festivities September 12-16, 2022. Highlights from the week included a pep rally, boys versus girls volleyball match, and juniors versus seniors, along with the Rockets' home football game against the Benson County Wildcats Friday night. For a full page of photos from the event, go to

  • 64th Annual Central North Dakota Steam Threshers Reunion

    Sep 26, 2022

    The 64th Annual Central North Dakota Steam Threshers Reunion was held at the Eddy County Fairgrounds September 16-18, 2022. The featured engine was Rumely, and machines of all sizes were on display at the event which has been a staple in New Rockford and the surrounding region for well over half a century. For a full page of photos from the event, go to

  • Tree Talk: Falling Needles and Leaves

    Gerri Makay, N.D. Forest Service Community Forestry Program Manager|Sep 26, 2022

     Many people pick fall as their favorite season of the year.  We welcome the cooler temperatures, the occasional much-needed rain with a little thunder mixed in, and the cheers of football season!  Fall colors exhibited by deciduous trees and shrubs are a product of shorter days. Summer sunlight triggers leaves to keep making chlorophyll, necessary for photosynthesis and the whole sugar-making process, enabling a tree to grow. But as the hours of daylight become increasingly fewer, leaves recognize the signal to prepare for winter and to stop...

  • History of New Rockford: September 26, 2022

    K.C. Gardner Jr.|Sep 26, 2022

     Sealed bids were received by county auditor W.C. Schwoebel until 4 p.m. May 22, 1905, for three steel bridges: 1) between sections 3 and 4 and 3 and 20, T150, R65 [Bush] to replace the old Nunn coulee bridge; 2) between sections 10 and 15, T149, R64 [Tiffany], to replace the Robinson coulee bridge; 3) across the James River between sections 3 and 10, T148, R66 [Superior], to replace the Hulbert bridge. Also bids were received up to 11 a.m. for grading in Eddy County.  On May 22, the Eddy Cou...

  • Party Crashers: Visiting Cardinals prevail in thriller at Rocket Homecoming

    Kyrie O'Connor|Sep 26, 2022

     For Homecoming 2022, the New Rockford-Sheyenne Rockets were set to host local rivals, the Carrington Cardinals, on Thursday, Sept. 15.  With the recent rotation change, the Rockets thought they would finally have the chance to beat the Cardinals. But to no avail, the Rockets just couldn't defeat them.  Before the start of the game, varsity players from both NR-S and Carrington were found in a circle praying. Why, you may be thinking? Recently, Sheyenne native and NR-S volleyball player, Baile...

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