History of New Rockford: April 4, 2022


April 4, 2022

On Dec. 1, 1904, H.H. Carr leased the New Rockford Creamery; he had managed it the previous two years. Mrs. Thomas Kellington’s mother arrived from Valley City to spend the holidays with her and her husband. A.C. Jones went to Grand Forks as a witness in a federal district court trial. Former resident Mrs. A.J. Allen had died in San Diego from cancer. She and her husband had come to Eddy County in 1884 and resided there until 1900 [actually, Oct. 28, 1901] when they moved to southern California.

The Dec. 2, 1904, “Transcript” said H. [Hugh] Peoples wasn’t using his auto as much.

H.G. Hudson was selling apples at $3.15 per barrel: Baldwins, Spies, Greenings, Canada Reds, Steel Reds, and other varieties.

Under School Notes: the monthly exams were given on Nov. 25. The school students had raised $12.50 for the Orphans’ Home in Fargo. The Primary and Grammar rooms had new sash curtains. The Intermediate students were studying Miles Standish, and a picture of him had been loaned to them. The “New International Encyclopedia” had arrived; the 17-volume set cost over $100. Alphonse Snook and Rose Doyle had entered the seventh grade. Rachel Olson had entered the school that week to take teachers’ review work.

During the week, painter John Anderson went to Minneapolis. E.A. Borthwick was in from near McHenry on jury duty.

The previous week, Miss Etta Schwoebel left for her home in Fountain City, Wisc., after three months visiting her brothers and sisters.

For the previous two weeks, Olof Lundquist and his brother, Conrad, had been installing a steam heat plant in Rager’s Harness Shop; the work was nearly done.

On Dec. 2, Freeman Shoemaker was in on business and to socialize. Miss Ruth Coffin of Jamestown, N.Y., came in after visiting George and Lizzie Henderson Coffin at Moscow, Idaho, to spend two weeks with her aunt Alice (Mrs. J.W.) Rager and her husband; she left Dec. 20.

On Dec. 3, Mrs. F.D. Norton hosted a fourth birthday party for her daughter Miss Ruth. A group of her playmates enjoyed “a dainty lunch” and gave the birthday girl “many nice remembrances.” J.D. Carroll went to Jamestown on business. Mrs. G.D. Murphy returned from visiting her friend Miss Lillian Bloom at Casselton; she would spend the winter in California. That evening, the Amateur Musical Club, under the instruction of Mrs. H.J. Mitchell, presented a concert at Mrs. Mitchell’s North Chicago Street home: “Yokahama” by Celestia Kellington; “Sunrise Waltz,” Alberta Gardner; “Barcarole,” Mabel House; “When My Golden Hair Has Turned to Silver Gray,” Hilda Dinnetz; “Evening Song,” Harta Dinnetz; “Mazurka,” Pearl Aldrich; “Eolian Whispers,” Mrs. Mitchell.

On Dec. 3 and 4, the James River was alive with young and older skaters; “ice games are all the rage.”

On Dec. 5, John Anderson returned from Minneapolis, where he had married Hilda Gustafson of Chicago on Dec. 1; the couple would live in the Powers’ house on Stimson Avenue East. Charles Allen was down from Knox. Martin Walsh was in on business. James Hackney went to Jamestown on business. John Hogan left for Stavely, Alberta, Canada, where he would remain at his homestead over the winter. Miss Maude Stearns, who had resigned as the telephone exchange’s “night central girl,” left for a visit to McHenry before assuming her new duties as day operator in the Carrington telephone exchange. Former Fessenden physician Dr. W.J. Proctor died of pneumonia in Valley City, where he had been practicing for several years. From noon on Dec. 5 to noon on Dec. 9, the Haynes Palace Studio Car was in New Rockford.

On Dec. 6, when making a professional call, Dr. G.D. Murphy lost one of his “fine driving mitts” between the Martin Walsh farm and New Rockford. The left one was lost and the doctor stated if the finder did not wish to return it, he should get the right one from the doctor so he could have a matching pair. Otherwise, a small reward was offered. Ed Nystrom was in from the Sheyenne Valley on business and to visit. New telephone exchange owner, Henry Wilson, had gone to Wimbledon to get his family; they arrived in New Rockford on the 6th and set up house in the former Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Stoddard residence. The Congregational Ladies’ Social Union held their annual fair in the Opera House. Dinner featuring chicken pie was served at noon and supper from 5:30 until all the food was gone. R.P. Allison acted as the auctioneer for several articles. The ladies made about $170.

On Dec. 7, the train brought in Mrs. George Sanders of Sibley, Iowa, who surprised her sister Mrs. M.B. Fritz; her visit would last through the holidays. George W. Johnston was in on business from northeast of New Rockford. Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson attended the wedding of a friend in Carrington, returning the next morning. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rosenberger and family left for a winter in their old home, Virginia; he would also use the mineral springs at Hot Springs, Va., for his rheumatism. His brother would take care of the farm in his absence. At 2 p.m., the school directors and clerks of Eddy County met in the court house; Supt. of Public Instruction Stockwell was there and addressed the group. William Milne, Sr., of Sheyenne attended. That evening, the “Jolly Club” sponsored a well-attended dance in the Opera House, with music by the New Rockford Orchestra: G.A. Erickson, first violin; Miss Lyle Yegen, second violin; Moses Godon, first cornet; George Fahrer, solo trombone; Prof. Howe, cello; H.J. Mitchell, trap drums; Mesdames Mitchell and Buck, piano.

That evening, the Degree of Honor Lodge elected officers: Past Chief of Honor—Mrs. Alice Miller Rager; Chief of Honor—Mrs. Bessie Butler; Lady of Honor—Mrs. Pearl Gardner; Chief of Ceremonies—Mrs. Emma Beardsley; Recorder—Mrs. Lizzie Schwoebel; Financier—Mrs. Pearl Severtson; Receiver—Mrs. Mary Baird; Usher—Mrs. Beatrice Larkin; Inside Watch—Mrs. Helen Austin; Outside Watch—Mrs. Minnie Bennett; Trustee for three years—Mrs. Lizzie Tomlinson; Representative—Mrs. Alice Miller Rager; Alternate—Mrs. Mary Baird.

On Dec. 8, the J.I. Case representative J.D. McKechnie, came up from Carrington to check on company business in New Rockford. Herman Hallquist, H.P. Halverson of the Sheyenne Valley, and Lars D. Tweet from northwest of town were in on business.

On Dec. 8 and 9, Sanford Dodge appeared as part of his Ninth Annual Tour. On the evening of the 8th, his company put on “The Corsican Brothers,” based on a work by Alexandre Dumas, and the next night performed “Macbeth,” both in the Opera House.

The Dec. 9, 1904, “Transcript” carried some School Notes written by the English Class: on Dec. 5, Pearl Goss and George Healey had entered the eighth grade. Floyd Logue, Charles Wenz, and John Wenz entered the Intermediate Department that week. Lizzie Wenz and Lizzie Mattson had joined the sixth grade that week. Students: Katherine, Charles, and Doris Maddux, had gone to Indiana for several weeks. Third grader Bertha Pake had left school and gone to her parents’ home in Denbigh. Many Primary students were absent due to illness.


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