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History of New Rockford: Jan. 13, 2020


January 13, 2020

On the evening of Dec. 11, 1902, the Eastern Star Lodge elected officers: Minnie Bennett, Worthy Matron; W.E. Biggs, Worthy Patron; Viola Woodward, Associate Patron; Margaret Morris, Secretary; Jennie Brownell, Treasurer; Lizzie M. Biggs, Conductress; Grace M. Mulvey, Associate Conductress. Officers appointed were Mrs. R.R. Woodward, Ada; Alice M. Rager, Ruth; Amanda J. Radtke, Esther; Laura Mitchell, Martha; Mary O. Baird, Electra; W.C. Hayes, Sentinel; Mary Stoddard, Chaplain; Anna M. Beebe, Marshal; Jennie Brownell, Organist.

The Dec. 12, 1902, “New Rockford Transcript” mentioned the “Fargo Call,” “Grafton News and Times,” “Cleveland Leader,” and “Jamestown Capital.”

A.M. Greely had a Letter to the Editor. As a stockholder in the creamery, he thanked the “Transcript” for mentioning the creamery which he said was a success. The creamery would help the entire county financially. He called for a board of trade to help bring other business investments into the county.

A notice said the MWA (Woodmen) Lodge had rented the Masonic Hall in the Patch Block and would hold its regular meetings there during the winter months on the first and second Tuesdays of each week.

H.G. Hudson, the Fruit Man, had for Christmas dolls, doll heads, doll carriages, toys, games, Christmas books, Christmas boxes, stationery, elegant boxes of Christmas candies, mix candies, walnuts, filberts, pecans, peanuts, chestnuts, stuffed dates, popcorn, fruits, and sweet Michigan cider.

Ads: John Anderson— painting, paperhanging, decorating; P.H. West— Dray and Express Line. Ice delivered at any time.

Brownlee and Violette had taken up at their farm seven miles west of New Rockford a team of bay horses with halters, no brands, about eight years old, and both with stars in their foreheads.

A postcard from Joseph Maxwell said he and his family liked San Diego and were doing well. C.J. Maddux was in St. Louis and Kansas City, Mo., on legal business and was contemplating spending the holidays in southern California with his family.

A.W. Cady was a track buyer of grain in Fessenden for J.W. Lahart of New Rockford; he had a new office built by Lahart near his wholesale house.

George Stitzel was very ill in Dixon, Ill., with typhoid.

Early in the week Charles McMillan came up from Carrington to visit R.U. Austin.

On Dec. 12 Mrs. H.C. Tarbell was in shopping. Frank Graham was in on business from eastern Eddy County, as was Sheyenne’s P.P. Andreas. Henry VonAlmen left for his old home Elizabeth, Minnesota, for the winter. Miss Mayme Schuster left on a short visit to Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Mrs. R.P Allison went to Jamestown to be with her daughter-in-law Mrs. E.G. Allison, who was terribly ill with typhoid fever; she returned on Dec. 26; her daughter was much improved. Mrs. O.H. West left for her home in Ward County. Robert Weidie and John Lies left on a trip to their old home near Fergus Falls for a few weeks. That evening E.H. Martin and A.H. Crawford joined the American Yeomen Lodge.

On that day a dark bay horse with no white spots or brands, but with a wire-cut above its right hind hoof, strayed from the Sylvanus Marriage farm near Barlow; the animal was about six years old, weighed 1150 lbs., and was “long-bodied.” In Feb. 1903 Marriage was offering a “Liberal reward for information leading to [its] recovery.”

On Sunday, Dec. 14, Frank Gregory and Granville Egbert were up from Barlow. That evening Miss Helen Oliver returned from her visit in Barlow.

From Dec.14 to 17, Mrs. Annie Oliver was in McHenry caring for her daughter Hazel.

On Dec. 15, Mrs. Lou Smith arrived to join her husband. Deputy Revenue Collector Sinclair was in town dealing with the sale of the cigar shop by H.A. Berge to Lyman & Ellis.

On Dec. 16, Jerry Carroll was in town. Peter Ewals was in from his farm southeast of town. O.H. Olson came in from northwest of town, and O.C. Gronvold was down from the Sheyenne Valley. William Erdelbrock was in to visit and on business. Deputy State Commander E.F. Kelly came up from Jamestown to check on the local Maccabees Lodge. Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Huff left on the train for Virginia to visit relatives during the winter. Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Rosenberger also left for Virginia for a winter with relatives. Mrs. Martin Walsh and Mrs. Francis Pottner left for a winter in their former home of Lindsey, Ontario. That evening the Columbian Colored Concert Company presented a program in the Opera House, sponsored by the Methodist Church; admission was 50 cents for adults and a quarter for children. They “played to a packed house” and their performance drew “…continued and hearty applause.” Also that evening Ben Fay, Frank Fahrer, C.H. Babcock, William Bucklin, Nathan Stanton, and George Fahrer joined the AOUW (Workmen) Lodge.

On Dec. 17, Martin and Eddie Anderson were in from Plainview on business.

On Dec. 18, D.D. Dailey of eastern Eddy County came in for Christmas supplies; James Graham of eastern Eddy County and M. Mattson, Jr., of the Sheyenne Valley were in on business. Mont Biggs left for the holidays in Covington, Indiana. Mrs. Frank Gregory returned to Barlow after a visit. That evening New Rockford Camp #2214 of the MWA (Woodmen) Lodge met in the Masonic Hall on the third floor of the J.M. Patch Block, Peter Prader, clerk.

On Dec. 18 and 19, Joe Dutee was in from eastern Eddy County.


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