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History of New Rockford: Dec. 23, 2019


December 23, 2019

On Nov. 25, 1902, F.E. Johnson came in from southeast of New Rockford. Whiteman & Prader pulled in their threshing rig, and Doc Whiteman got ready to go back to his veterinary work.

On Nov. 25, the Bank of New Rockford, Ernest S. Severtson, cashier, had resources (assets) of $154,208.04, up $42,477.87 from the $111,730.20 of Sept. 15. Checking accounts amounted to $100,390.52, up $42,257.35 from the $58,133.17 of Sept. 15.

On Nov. 25, the First National Bank of New Rockford, James E. Hyde, cashier, had resources (assets) of $64,239.03, up $41,443.04 from the $22,795.99 of Sept. 15. Checking accounts were $16,278.65, up $8466.97 from the $7811.68 of Sept. 15.

On Nov. 26, the following strayed from the D.Y. Keyton farm seven miles southeast of New Rockford: one brown gelding, three years old, white spot in face, one white hind foot, branded “25” on left hip; one brown gelding, three years old, tail bobbed a little, branded “25” on left hip; both had halters with ropes.

On Nov. 26, a carload of hard coal came in for the Powers Elevator; Ben Rantz had to hire guards to keep people from gathering “souvenirs.” Carrington editor H.H. Palmer was in town. Thomas and Katie Turner came up from Barlow, then went out to Lake Washington for Thanksgiving with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Carroll. Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Clark left for a winter in San Diego. That evening the AOUW Lodge elected officers.

On Nov. 26 and 27, Ed Winter was in from eastern Eddy County.

On Nov. 27, W.H. Konicheck and A.R. Cross of McHenry spent Thanksgiving with friends in New Rockford. John Griffith left for Arizona Territory, seeking relief for his lung trouble. Mrs. J.C. Fay and family left for a visit of several months at her old home in Michigan. That evening there was a Calico Ball in the Opera House; admission was 75 cents. A large crowd enjoyed music by Ole Dahler, violin; Lou Smith, cornet; George Fahrer, slide trombone; and Mesdames H.J. Mitchell and H.G. Hudson, piano. Walter Schmid had come up from Carrington for Thanksgiving with “the folks” and he stayed for the dance.

The Nov. 28, 1902, “New Rockford Transcript” mentioned the “Wells County News” of Fessenden and the “Carrington Daily Independent.”

Two notices: Helga Rude of Freeborn had taken up about Nov. 20 one white horse, 12 years old; one bay mare, 12 years old; and one bay horse with a white face, nine years old. John O’Keefe had taken up one red heifer, a year and a half old.

There was a Card of Thanks from Mr. and Mrs. O.R. Pomranke and family to their many friends and neighbors who helped them during the sickness and burial of their “beloved son and brother.”

Early in the week Andrew Dodds came up from Fargo to visit.

During the week the new fixtures for the Buck & Couch Drug Store arrived and were being placed in the business located in the J.M. Patch Block; the fixtures were solid oak and included showcases, a prescription counter, shelving and a soda fountain.

The previous week John McNally sold his interest in the bowling alley to his partner F.W. House and left “for the east.”

Former resident Mrs. Eva A. Neasmith was visiting Mrs. C.J. Maddux in San Diego, where young Charles Maddux had been confined to his bed by rheumatism.

On Nov. 28, Mrs. W.J. Morris was in shopping. Martin Walsh of Tiffany came in on business. Mrs. E.A. Gamble [Gammell] went to Jamestown to winter with her grandson E.G. Allison. A.C. Buck went to Kansas City and other southern points for a few weeks. That evening the Sanford Dodge Company presented “The Gladiator.” Admission was 75, 50, and 25 cents. The actors played to a “crowded house.” Sumner Engberg came up from Barlow to attend. That night the 30,000 bushel capacity Powers Elevator at Brinsmade burned, along with 12,000 bushels of wheat; the cause was unknown.

On the morning of Nov. 29, a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ira Shroyer.

At 2 p.m. on Nov. 29, the Eddy County Teachers’ Association met in the courthouse with the following program: Invocation, Rev. J.R. Beebe; Song by the children of Miss Jefferson’s class; Address, “Education: the Bulwark of Civilization,” by Rev. E.T. Quam; Recitation, Miss Frances Thomson; “School Room Sanitation,” Dr. Charles MacLachlan; Discussion, “Physical Culture,” Principal Lydia Messerschmidt; “The Decadence of Good Spelling,” Charles F. Morrison; General Discussion opened by Mrs. Guss Gullicks, followed by Mrs. Atkinson, Miss Monahan, and Miss Johnson; Model Class, Miss Cora B. Davis; Quartet: Messrs. Gardner, Woodward, Moore, and Newton.

That evening the singing school met in the Congregational Church and there was a Degree of Honor meeting.

From Nov. 29 to Dec. 2, R.P. Allison was in Fargo on legal business.

On Sunday, Nov. 30 Perry Stanton and Clarence Kennedy were in Jamestown visiting friends.

On Dec. 1 snow fell, followed by a cold snap. New York eye specialist Prof. Myer was at F. Howard’s jewelry store. At 1 p.m. a meeting of the officers and stockholders of the New Rockford Creamery Company met in the courthouse, E.R. Davidson, secretary. Those present were informed that even in “This dull season” the creamery was paying “pretty well” and the butter being made was of a fine quality. The last shipment of butter went to New York and brought a half cent above “the very top notch price.” Plans were being formulated to build “a mammoth ice house” to keep the butter, and to fit the creamery with steam heat so it could operate in the winter. R.H. Herbeson was the butter maker. W.J. Morris came in from Plainview on business. Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Tarbell were in from Tiffany to shop and visit, as was Mrs. James Dafoe of Sheyenne. Lee and Clyde Hall left for a winter in their old home, East Randolph, NY. B.W. Hersey went to Chicago; he returned Dec. 8. Miss Lena Kowalski left to visit relatives in Minnesota. Andrew Johnson, Sr., made the first leg of his trip to Sweden, his first in over 20 years.

That evening the New Rockford Camp 2214 of the MWA Lodge met in the office of Baird & Dresser to elect officers: W.E. Radtke, Venerable Consul; R.M. Kennedy, Worthy Advisor; R.R. Woodward, Excellent Banker; O.E. Couch, Clerk; John Olson, Watchman; Robert Miller, Sentry; W.E. Biggs, A.J. Clure, W.C. Dresser, Managers; W.E. Radtke, Delegate.

On Dec. 1 and 2, Mrs. W.H. Cole, New Rockford photographer, was in Jamestown, as were Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Babcock.

The Royal Neighbors, Viola Woodward, recording secretary, also elected officers: Jenny (Mrs. L.J.) Doyle, Oracle; Lizzie M. (Mrs. W.E.) Biggs, Vice Oracle; Lizzie (Mrs. A.D.) Tomlinson, Chancellor; Mrs. Viola Woodward, Recorder; Jennie (Mrs. R.P.) Allison, Receiver; Laura J. (Mrs. H.J.) Mitchell, Marshal; Anna (Mrs. Peter) Prader, Inside Guard; Mary (Mrs. W.O.) Baird, Outside Guard; Mrs. Ann C. Whiteman, Manager.


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