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  • Resurgence of the Dino

    Charlotte Franks-Erickson|Jun 3, 2024

    Talk is spreading and curiosity piquing in Sheyenne about yet another new project. "What's going on at the old Sinclair station?" – "Who is that guy who's working on that building?" – "Did someone buy it?" – "That building has to be 100 years old." The questions are swirling as residents have taken notice of the changes to one of their community's most recognizable buildings. Yes, the old Sinclair gas station just off Highway 281 has been purchased, and work is underway to clean up, repair and e...

  • Chenze selected as one of the top 20 performing zone service technicians for General Motors

    Charlotte Franks-Erickson|Jun 3, 2024

    There are times when something outstanding is hidden in plain sight. You would never guess that a person in our community has traveled to a number of places in the country for specialized trainings and classes and is so accomplished at a young age. Meet David Chenze, Jr. of Sheyenne, N.D. (NR-S Class of 2013). David continued his education at Lake Region State College, studying automotive technology. He also worked after classes each day at Lake Chevrolet that year. Once his schooling was...

  • Investing in tradition

    Charlotte Franks-Erickson|May 6, 2024

    If you close your eyes and think "Fourth of July'' in Sheyenne, N.D., you just might be able to taste the specially roasted slow-cooked beef that's made in the famous Stone Pit BBQ. It's been a tradition since 1976, when the historic Log Cabin Museum was first dedicated. In those days (the mid '70s) Sheyenne experienced a revival and growth spurt like no other. Improvements were made: store fronts restored to their original look, programs started up for the youth and senior citizens, houses...

  • Sheyenne's Main Street gem: Wild Things Taxidermy

    Charlotte Franks-Erickson|Apr 22, 2024

    It's no secret that our small communities are getting smaller. It's also no secret that North Dakota wants to retain their youth once they've completed their education. There are some small communities working hard to attract new businesses and bring new families in. Sheyenne, North Dakota is one of them but stay tuned. In fact, take a look at what's already in place! One of the gems on Sheyenne's main street is Wild Things Taxidermy run by the Kolstad family, who all happen to be Sheyenne High...

  • Letter to the Editor

    Charlotte Franks-Erickson|Sep 25, 2023

    School has started and there’s a teacher shortage across the nation. It’s a well-known fact that burnout is a common reason. I might have a solution or two that could be tried. We have dedicated teachers who are reluctantly leaving their teaching positions heartbroken, physically exhausted and emotionally drained, and returning to their families who have sacrificed the attention and energy of their mom or dad for years during each school year. Teachers are not trained in emotional disturbances, extreme academic needs and trauma-affected chi...

  • Earth Day is not just a day... It's a way

    Charlotte Franks-Erickson|Apr 25, 2022

    A way to be, a way to think and a way to live everyday, unless you plan to move to another planet. It is acknowledged and celebrated Friday, April 22 each year and like the song from around the first Earth Day of 1970 "In the year 2525" by Zager and Evans; 1969 ... "we've taken everything this old earth can give and we ain't put back nothin'." I ask you, all of you, to Google this song of over 50 years ago and listen to every word of it until it finishes. Following that, have a little visit...