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Letter to the Editor: Agriculture and Energy leaders endorse Julie Fedorchak for the U.S. House

Agriculture and energy are the cornerstones of North Dakota’s economy. Not only do we feed and fuel the world, but we also provide thousands of good jobs and billions in federal, state and local tax revenue. Those taxes paid fund schools, roads, flood protection and social services across our great state. Virtually every corner of the state and every person living in North Dakota benefits from agriculture and energy production.

The food and energy we produce are also among the cleanest, most environmentally-friendly of any in the world. We take pride in being good stewards of the land and air. And we are in it for the long haul. If allowed, we will provide low-cost food and fuel to North Dakota and beyond for generations to come.

Unfortunately, our state’s leading economic engines are under relentless attack by the federal government and radical environmentalists. Through regulation, fiscal policy and punitive taxation, Washington is throttling our ability to provide energy and food security to America. To help hold these forces at bay and roll back the most serious threats to our very existence, we need to send a proven fighter to Congress. But not just any fighter, but rather, we need someone who wins the fight.

Our state only gets one voice in the United States House of Representatives. We need someone who can work with others ... who can build coalitions with a common goal ... who understands our industries and how to successfully rein in this unfair and unwise onslaught on our key industries.

Most importantly, we need someone who can and will win. We need Julie Fedorchak as our next representative in the U.S. House.

Julie has a 20-year record of excellence in public service. She is a lifelong resident of North Dakota. She understands what we need in Washington and how to deliver for North Dakota. For example:

When the federal government wanted to impose crippling cap and trade policies, Julie was at the front line fighting for all of us.

When federal regulators tried to force-feed us their radical environmental agenda, Julie was there to stand tall for agriculture and energy producers.

In recognition of her achievements, Julie was recently elected President of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners.

Under her leadership, North Dakota:

• enjoys the lowest utility rates in the nation

• permitted $15 billion worth of projects creating tens of thousands of jobs

• implemented a state rail safety program that dramatically reduced rail accidents

• created innovative ways to connect rural areas to natural gas service

• enhanced the state pipeline reclamation program.

Time and time again, Julie has proven herself to be the person who can get things done. In fact, Julie Fedorchak is the only candidate for the U.S. House who has been actively engaged in fighting for our energy and ag sectors. She can be trusted to do the right thing. And she will work tirelessly in the best interest of all North Dakotans.

That’s why the agriculture and energy industries support Julie Fedorchak for Congress. Our farmers, ranchers, coal miners, power plant operators and the oil and gas industry understand the importance of having a strong voice advocating for them in Washington, D.C. Without energy security, we do not have food security, economic security or national security.

Please join us in voting for Julie Fedorchak for Congress.


Doug Goehring,

North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner

Ron Ness,

NDPC Federal PAC

Jason Bohrer,

Lignite PAC

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