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–New 24/7 Laundromat officially open in New Rockford

For the first time in almost a year, New Rockford residents won't have to travel out of town to use a laundromat.

That's because Amanda and Jacob Dauenhauer, have officially opened New Rockford Storage Laundromat, a new business operating out of one of their storage units on Central Avenue. They are pictured above in the new space.

The Dauenhauers first purchased New Rockford Storage – previously named Westside Storage – in August of 2022, along with the RV park west of Mick's 281 Service.

Now, they've spotted another opportunity to grow their business while fulfilling an important need in their community.

"The biggest reason was the tenants of our RV park in the summer would almost ask us daily if there's a laundromat available or if there's somewhere in town they can wash their clothes," said Jacob Daunehauer on what prompted their decision to open a laundromat. "And unfortunately we'd tell them they have to go to Fort Totten or Jamestown or Harvey."

New Rockford's previous laundromat, located in the hunting lodge next to Buck-It's Bar, officially closed its doors on Nov. 13, 2022, forcing many to look elsewhere if they needed to use a laundromat.

"It seemed like there was a need in the town for it," added Amanda Dauenhauer. "A lot of people that we talked to were having to travel to Fort Totten."

Located in one of the east- facing storage units at 1029 Central Avenue, the New Rockford Storage Laundromat now provides 24/7 service to those who need it.

Jacob Dauenhauer explained that the unit was given a fresh coat of paint, a new electrical system and of course water and sewer service to make it capable of converting to a laundromat.

Inside are four washing machines and four dryers, each of which can be operated for $2 per load no matter the size or setting variation. Additionally, there are two larger machines capable of handling king-size comforters and other hefty loads.

The large washer starts at $3.50 per load and goes up depending on settings, such as heavy or light soil, while the large dryer operates at $3.50 per load no matter the settings.

Jacob Dauenhauer noted that they do have additional machines available should more be needed.

Also provided at the laundromat are folding tables and a soap dispenser, which includes Tide laundry soap, stain remover, fabric softener and fabric sheets all for $2.

For the kids, meanwhile, the Dauenhauers installed a claw machine that operates for just 50 cents per play, not to mention a vending machine, TV and seating area.

All totaled, the New Rockford Storage Laundromat promises to provide a comprehensive way for New Rockford area residents and visitors to do their laundry without having to travel.

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