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"Trail ride time" again

Friday June 16th through Sunday June 18th, 2023 some 60 Circle Trail Riders made their home south of Carrington, North Dakota on host Adam Zink's ranch, which is located in the historical area known as Hawk's Nest. Adam and friend Shayla dished out the hospitality welcoming the riders. Adam was our trail blazer during this ride.

Let it be said, the folks of Circle Trail Riders, their horses – including the teams – can get impatient on the first day of a new ride. That was the case Friday as some unforeseen circumstances deemed one teamster and outfit late. That first day's anxiousness was eased, as all were hitched and saddled and ready to go at 10 a.m., so, they went out on a warm-up ride getting a taste of things to come in the next couple days. They returned to camp near 1 p.m. to find the late comer had arrived. Guess what? The whole outfit went out on the trails again to use up a little more of that pent-up energy.

They rocked and rolled over rough terrain in the great expanse of lush green pastures, seeing bison, picking wild bluebells for mom, going up and down challenging hills while keeping an eye out for rocks and badger holes.

Four teams including Waylon and Willie driven by Cory Jorgensen, Bud and Beauty driven by Brent Helseth, Beaut and Beauty driven by Dale Rosenberg and Bud and Ben driven by Bill Zeigler, met the challenge of the hills this first day.

Camp was easy to access and accommodating. The ticks were plentiful. Their relatives including sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins twice-removed were there looking for a free ride.

Saturday, day two, several new riders and an eye- catching team of mules, Molly and Buttercup, along with driver Ty Larson joined the crew.

Another perfect day for a trail ride was in the making with a cool breeze rustling pasture grasses and ole Sol shining warm and bright. The day turned into another challenging one for the teams with one exciting hill after another, which called for frequent rest stops to give the teams a breather.

Teamsters did call it a day a little early for safety sake for the teams. The horse-backers went on enjoying the trails, returning to camp later.

All prepared for Saturday evening's activities which got off to a start with a pot luck supper and the guitar music of Rob and Marjorie Lies drifting over camp.

Next exciting thing, President Cory Jorgensen and his wife Katie with the help of secretary Charlotte Koepplin conducted the drawing of the club's annual fund- raiser raffle. The winners are:

1. Henry Rifle: Justin Weninger of Martin, N.D.

2. A 16 inch Roper Saddle: Cody Hamden of Bismarck, N.D.

3. Metal Yard Sign: Judy Vigil, Devils Lake, N.D.

4. Western Sofa Quilt: Greg Konzak of Cando, N.D.

5. $250 Cash: Lori Keller of Harvey, N.D.

6. Propane Fire Pit: Nancy Abrahamson of Maddock, N.D.

7. Vortex Binoculars: Cindy Allen of Eagle, Idaho.

8. Kid's Western Quilt: Logan Krosch of Sheyenne, N.D.

9. Weaver Tack Set: Amy Tichey of Valley City, N.D.

10. $100 Cash: Charlotte Koepplin of New Rockford, N.D.

The evening was moving along. Next on the agenda was the campfire drawings which found 31 winners with items like a saddle pad, pommel bags, smores makers, halters, leads, curry brush, feed buckets, yard and other fun games, horse treats, kids lawn chairs, a hammock, beverage and phone holder stakes, hoof pick and several Circle Trail Riders Inc. caps.

Drawings done, the Circle Trail Riders had one more thing up their sleeves. They revealed a well-kept secret as President Cory and the club presented Charlotte Koepplin – charter member since 1975 and still active secretary/treasurer since 1987 (35 yrs.) – with the 2023 Special Recognition Award Plaque. Charlotte was truly surprised and felt honored. She expressed appreciation to especially Dale and Diane Rosenberg as they pointed a finger at Charlotte as a recipient of this year's award. Also thanked were Charlotte's family for being there for her "Magic Moment."

WOW! Day two was quite a day, but wasn't over yet. Firewood was gathered up and a flickering campfire was soon crackling in the humid evening air. Camp chairs soon circled the fire. All sharing storys, conversations and refreshments. Of course most with their boots on as that "stuff' gets pretty deep at times. Later than sooner, all retired well after ole Sol hit the hay.

Next thing coming to light – It's Sunday – day three. Good morning.

Happy Fathers Day.

As all came back to life, teamsters unanimously called it a day before it got started, thinking about the stress the challenging hills had had on the teams.

At this point, host Adam Zink had a proposition for the horse backers.

Would they· consider helping him move some cattle to pasture? What kind of a question is that? Yahoo! Head 'em up, move 'em out, Rawhide. They jumped at the chance, considering it an opportunity. You can bet taking part in a real cattle drive was the next thing to being in heaven. All went well and the adventure will be talked about for years to come.

On that note, the summer ride came to an end with new friends made, goodbyes said. See you next time.