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Try out our digital edition - Transcript December 19, 2022

Due to delays caused by the epic winter storm our area experienced this week, the Dec. 19 print edition of the New Rockford Transcript will not arrive in most mailboxes until at least Tuesday, Dec. 20. This is our special Christmas edition, filled with greetings from local businesses, so we want to make sure it is available to as many readers as possible.

This is a great time to test out our digital edition, which is included FREE with all print subscriptions. It is a pdf copy that looks just like the print edition, so you can scroll through the pages as if you have it in your hand.

If you are a current print subscriber, you can access this digital edition every Saturday morning, so you can read the paper even if the print copy doesn't make it to you. Click "Free Trial" in the top right corner of our home page to set up your account.

Here's a direct link to the Dec. 19 digital edition, with no login or subscription required. If you enjoy it, please consider subscribing!

Merry Christmas, and thanks for reading!

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