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Pleasant Prairie News: November 21, 2022

Monday evening, Circle Trail Riders held their November meeting at secretary Charlotte Koepplin’s home with ten in attendance, being: Charlotte, Tara Hansen, Nancy Ludwig, Cory and Katie Jorgensen, Dale and Diane Rosenberg, Rob Lies and Bill and Diana Zeigler. Plans were made for the adults Christmas party December 12 at Charlotte’s.

 Monday morning helpers at the Charlotte Koepplin home were Todd Koepplin and Rowdy and Nathan Shroyer. In the afternoon, Charlotte received a phone call from cousin Blaine Pahl. He and wife Laurie were looking forward to a trip to Arizona soon to visit family there.

 This week Jimmy Indergaard has enjoyed getting together with family, Andy and Ruth Braaten and Noelle and Mervin Indergaard and cousin Magill for meals, visiting and watching sports. Phone calls from Sharon Laxdal and Dennis and Fran Walen were also enjoyed.

 It SNOWED! Charlotte Koepplin, like residents of New Rockford, got her share of that white stuff. Nephew Todd Koepplin came Friday afternoon and dug her out. Winter has arrived.