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Athletes give it their all

Rockets set many personal records in Rugby and Carrington


May 16, 2022

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Lucy Meier ran the 4x100-meter relay in Rugby on Thursday, May 5 along with Kelsie Belquist, Emmie Belquist and Katie Allmaras. The Rockets' 4x100-meter relay team finished in third place with a state-qualifying time of 52.66 seconds.

The New Rockford-Sheyenne Rockets and the Warwick Warriors traveled some miles these past two track meets, by traveling to Rugby on Thursday, May 5 and then traveling to Carrington on Saturday, May 7.

With the weather finally coordinating with the track meets, many athletes from both schools set their personal bests. Some of those athletes even punched their first ticket to the state track meet at the end of May.

Let's jump back to Thursday, and start with the Mariya Tate Memorial Track and Field Meet in Rugby.

Kelsie Belquist, Emmie Belquist, Lucy Meier and Katie Allmaras made up the Rocket girls' 4x100-meter relay team. These girls not only set their personal record in this event, but also qualified for state with a time of 52.66 seconds and placed third overall.

Kaden Jensen also secured his third state-qualification in triple jump, with a leap of 41'0.25". Kelsie Belquist yet again blew it out of this world in the 200-meter dash, 400-meter dash and the 100-meter hurdles, all with state-qualifying times.

The Rockets also had many top 10 finishes. Starting off with the boys, Jensen placed first in high jump and second place in both triple jump and the 100-meter dash. Easton Benz placed sixth in triple jump and ninth in the 400-meter dash. Porter Granger placed 10th in high jump.

On the girls' side, K. Belquist placed first in the 200-meter dash, the 400-meter dash and the 100-meter hurdles. The girls' relay team finished in third place. E. Belquist finished ninth in the 300-meter hurdles. Lucy Meier placed ninth in the 200-meter dash and 10th in the 100-meter dash.

Jada Clark, Bethany Brown, Tara Jackson and Bella Baer of the Warriors made up the girls 4x200-meter relay team. The Warriors placed 11th with a time of 2:22.68. Brown also competed in the 1,600-meter run and placed 14th with a time of 7:41.15.

Randall Pierson jumped a height of 4'10" to secure 13th place, along with setting a personal record.

Now let's jump to the Carrington Kiwanis/Lions Meet on Saturday, May 7.

Although a few track athletes were out for the State Music Contest in Minot, the Rockets still excelled in Carrington.

Benz placed in the top ten for all four of his events; taking fourth place in triple jump, ninth place in the 300-meter hurdles, and 10th place in both the 100-meter dash and the 400-meter dash.

E. Belquist made the top ten in 3-out-of-4 events; those being sixth place in long jump, ninth place in the 300-meter hurdles and 10th place in the 100-meter dash. Eighth grader Ava Peterson took sixth place in javelin with a throw of 90'3", which also set her personal record in that event.

Monty Redfox, Brooklyn Abrahamson and Jada Clark were all top placers for the Warriors. Redfox and Abrahamson competed in the 800-meter run and placed 15th and 17th, respectively. Redfox set his personal record in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:58.37. Clark competed in the 300-meter hurdles and placed 18th with a time of 1:01.02.

Mariya Tate Memorial

Thursday, May 5

at Johnsen Field

in Rugby

Boys' Team Scores

Harvey/Wells County 137, Rugby 121, Griggs-Midkota 75, Langdon Area/Edmore/Munich 53, Benson County 52, Bottineau 47, Velva-Drake/Anamoose 41, North Star 33, Northern Lights 30, New Rockford-Sheyenne 29, Kidder County 27, Edgeley/Kulm 24, Linton/HMB 23, Park River/Fordville-Lankin 18, Rolette/Wolford 13, Glenburn 12, Dunseith 3

NR-S Boys' Individual Results

100-Meter Dash: Kaden Jensen (2nd), 11.93; Porter Granger (12th), 12.33; Easton Benz (14th), 12.35; Thomas Allmaras (51st), 14.42; Dakota Clelland (54th), 14.78

200-Meter Dash: Granger (18th), 25.26; T. Allmaras (43rd), 29.41

400-Meter Dash: Benz (9th), 57.36; DJ Mudgett (28th), 1:06.55; T. Allmaras (29th), 1:07.80

Shot Put: Mudgett (23rd), 32'8"; Clelland (43rd), 29'3"; Lucas Laducer (60th), 21'11"

Discus: Mudgett (15th), 93'4"; Clelland (52nd), 52'5"; Laducer (53rd), 52'2"

High Jump: Jensen (1st), 6'2"*, Granger (10th), 5'10"

Long Jump: Granger (12th), 18'10"; Benz (13th), 18'6.5"

Triple Jump: Jensen (2nd), 42'0.25"*, Benz (6th), 38'10.5"

Warwick Boys' Individual Results

100-Meter Dash: Brooklyn Abrahamson (52nd), 14.56; Monty Redfox (58th), 15.79

200-Meter Dash: Randall Pierson (46th), 31.55; Abrahamson (47th), 31.76; Redfox (49th), 33.00

400-Meter Dash: Pierson (30th), 2:51.46; Abrahamson (32nd), 2:57.18; Redfox (35th), 3:07.90

High Jump: Pierson (13th), 4'10"

Girls' Team Scores

Rugby 155, Bottineau 67, Benson Co. 62.5, Velva-Drake/Anamoose 58, Griggs-Midkota 55, Harvey/Wells Co. 54, North Star 51, Linton/HMB 47.5, Edgeley/Kulm 40, Langdon Area/Edmore/Munich 37.5, NR-S 36, Kidder Co. 26, Park River/Fordville-Lankin 24.5, Rolette/Wolford 7, Northern Lights 5

NR-S Girls' Individual Results

100-Meter Dash: Lucy Meier (10th), 13.81; Emmie Belquist (11th), 13.94; Ava Peterson (26th), 14.54; Paige Knatterud (50th), 15.25; Lora Wobbema (51st), 15.26; Kaiya O'Connor (52nd), 15.27; Kennedy Demester (65th), 15.74

200-Meter Dash: Kelsie Belquist (1st), 25.78*; Meier (9th), 28.84; Katie Allmaras (19th), 29.53; Peterson (34th), 31.01; Demester (40th), 31.68; Knatterud (51st), 32.07; Wobbema (52nd), 32.44; Trysta Thumb (71st), 35.62

400-Meter Dash: K. Belquist (1st)*, 56.44; K. Allmaras (11th), 1:09.52; Knatterud (26th), 1:14.56

100-Meter Hurdles: K. Belquist (1st), 15.55*

300-Meter Hurdles: E. Belquist (9th), 53.19; Peterson (17th), 55.82

4x100-Meter Relay: K. Belquist, E. Belquist, Meier, K. Allmaras (3rd), 52.66*

Shot Put: Wobbema (26th), 24'9"; Thumb (29th), 24'6"; Addysen Fandrich (45th), 23'1"

Discus: Wobbema (41st), 61'0"; Fandrich (56th), 53'5"

Javelin: K. Allmaras (12th), 83'11"; Peterson (14th), 83'7"; Thumb (25th), 70'8"; Meier (27th), 68'11"; Demester (38th), 64'6"

Long Jump: E. Belquist (19th), 14'2"; Wallace (42nd), 12'9"; O'Connor (46th), 12'2.5"

Warwick Girls Individual Results

100-Meter Dash: Jada Clark (47th), 15.18; Bella Baer (77th), 16.35; Sofia Tangalin (82nd), 17.60; Kayonna Whiteshield (84th), 17.75; Tara Jackson (85th), 18.66; Kayliese Little (86th), 19.40

200-Meter Dash: Baer (66th), 34.72; Bethany Brown (74th), 37.14; Tangalin (75th), 38.51; Whiteshield (76th), 38.55; Jackson (77th), 40.20; Little (78th), 41.57

400-Meter Dash: Tangalin (40th), 1:30.39; Baer (41st), 1:31.07; Brown (42nd), 1:32.75; Jackson (43rd), 1:39.06; Little (44th), 2:00.88

1,600-Meter Run: Brown (14th), 7:41.15

100-Meter Hurdles: Clark (19th), 22.52

4x200-Meter Relay: Clark, Brown, Jackson, Baer (11th), 2:22.68

Kiwanis/Lions Meet

Saturday, May 7

at Stadium '76

in Carrington

Boys' Team Scores

Jamestown 143.5, Devils Lake 118.5, Carrington 98, Drayton/Valley-Edinburg 57.83, Benson County 54.33, Nelson County 53, Griggs-Midkota 51.33, Langdon Area/Edmore/Munich 51, Kidder County 41.5, Northern Lights 23, Rolette/Wolford 16, Larimore 9, New Rockford-Sheyenne 5

NR-S Boys' Individual Results

100-Meter Dash: Benz (10th), 11.88; Bradyn Collier (17th), 12.31; Malaki Kukowski (35th), 13.46; Vincent Ruppell (35th), 13.46

200-Meter Dash: Collier (24th), 26.52; Kukowski (28th), 28.97

400-Meter Dash: Benz (10th), 58.43; Collier (16th), 1:02.72; Mudgett (27th), 1:13.46

800-Meter Run: Ruppell (12th), 2:54.58

300-Meter Hurdles: Benz (9th), 48.62

Shot Put: Mudgett (19th), 32'8"; Jackson Brazil (30th), 28'5.5"

Discus: Mudgett (16th), 83'5"; Brazil (41st), 51'1"

Long Jump: Ruppell (17th), 14'5.5"

Triple Jump: Benz (4th), 37'2"

Warwick Boys' Individual Results

100-Meter Dash: Abrahamson (47th), 14.37; Redfox (50th), 14.68

200-Meter Dash: Abrahamson (31st), 29.58; Redfox (34th), 32.36

400-Meter Dash: Abrahamson (24th), 1:11.21; Redfox (28th), 1:14.06

800-Meter Run: Redfox (15th), 2:58.37; Abrahamson (17th), 2:59.68

Girls' Team Scores

Jamestown 175, Carrington 132, Devils Lake 100, Benson County 66, Drayton/Valley-Edinburg 63, Kidder County 46, Langdon Area/Edmore/Munich 43, Griggs-Midkota 25, Rolette/Wolford 20, Larimore 19, New Rockford-Sheyenne 6, Northern Lights 5, Nelson County 3

NR-S Girls' Individual Results

100-Meter Dash: E. Belquist (10th), 13.72; Peterson (15th), 13.91; Wobbema (24th), 14.64; O'Connor (28th), 15.06; Karsyn Wetzel (30th), 15.12; Wallace (31st), 15.18

200-Meter Dash: E. Belquist (18th), 30.09; Peterson (22nd), 31.12; Wobbema (25th), 31.46; Wetzel (29th), 32.42; O'Connor (36th), 33.50

100-Meter Hurdles: Wallace (16th), 23.24

300-Meter Hurdles: E. Belquist (9th), 54.24; Peterson (11th), 55.50

Erik Gjovik

Ava Peterson competed in the 300-meter hurdles and placed 11th with a time of 55.50 seconds. Peterson also secured her personal best in this event.

Shot Put: Wobbema (18th), 24'10.5"; Fandrich (24th), 22'10"

Discus: Fandrich (21st), 62'1"; Wobbema (23rd), 59'8"

Javelin: Peterson (6th), 90'3"

Long Jump: E. Belquist (6th), 13'8"; O'Connor (14th), 12'6"; Wallace (20th), 11'1.5"

Warwick Girls' Individual Results

100-Meter Dash: Clark (27th), 15.00; Little (46th), 17.58; Jackson (48th), 19.21

200-Meter Dash: Clark (31st), 32.96; Jackson (39th), 40.90; Little (40th), 44.17

400-Meter Dash: Jackson (22nd), 1:38.61; Little (23rd), 2:04.90

300-Meter Hurdles: Clark (18th), 1:01.02

*denotes state-qualifying time


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