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Letter to the Editor: March 21, 2022


March 21, 2022

Points to ponder; Gas price high? Not really, the price of gas has been the same since 1963 when I started driving, three gallons of gas for one hours labor. It took a little looking but there were jobs in town for .75/ hour (not on the farms where I was) and gas was .25 . in 1969 minimum wage went up to $1.25 and that's about what anybody paid, and gas was .38 . Now it's $4.00 when I filled this morning and there's $12.00 jobs.

One of the problems is in terms of hours to pay for things, it comes out to a ten fold increase since the days of $1.25/hour. We couldn't afford new cars or vacations then and now a person in their 20's with wants and needs and maybe kids, getting $12.50 still won't.

Earths warming because of people !! really? First off, nobody's here. Look out an airplane window, take a cross country trip, watch tv shows shot out on the lonesome prairies. If each person stood on a 3' x 3' square you'd fit 3,097,600 in a square mile (27,878,400 sq ft) . So the entire population of the United States would fit from here to Sheyenne squared, 100 square miles. If your looking at global warming look at nature. I googled the number of BTU in a cubic foot of wood, take that times the cubic feet of wood in a forest per square foot, times the sq ft in an acre 43560, and you get an astronomical amount of btu's to where the million acres burned just in the United Stats the last couple years is more than man has produced since the industrial revolution.

Then there's mother earth, a hefty 6.580 sextillion (24 zeros) tons with most its mass made up of the molten core the temperature of the sun, radiating heat to the surface and molten volcanoes flowing into the sea. Humans contribute, but we are truly insignificant in the scheme of things.

William Ziegler

New Rockford, N.D.


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