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Letter to there Editor: N.D. Republican District Reorganizational meetings

It’s a New Year and time to reflect, and a time to make resolutions. How can we engage and encourage those in leadership positions in our state? As a member of the North Dakota Republican party, I am aware that many of the 47 NDGOP Districts across the state are having reorganizational meetings in the upcoming months. You can go to and find out who your district chair is, and reach out to them to find out when your Republican District reorganizational meeting is. If you are not sure which district you are in, you can go to and click on the "APPROVED Legislative Redistricting Maps" link and find out which district you live in.

We can wait to see what happens, or we can get involved and see what happens. It's our state and those elected will represent us. Let them know what North Dakotans want.

In God We Trust,

Kolette Kramer

Denbigh, ND

Editor’s Note: Most of Eddy County is now part of District 14, and the District 14 Republican Committee seeks two executive members from Eddy County. Residents interested in participating in Republican committee discussions should call District Chair Bill Kuntz at 701-537-3089.

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