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Archival Anecdotes: A Happy Year Ahead


December 27, 2021

This New Years card dates back to 1898, when John Neutzel recieved it from F.V. Many.

Life is complicated, I think most of us can agree on that. So when I came across this unique card for a Happy New Year, I knew I wanted to share.

It features several geese in the barnyard, unsuspecting of the menacing fox nearby. On the back, it includes a poem by Fredrick Langridge that reads,

"The peaceful geese enjoy a drink

Without the slightest thought of fear

And yet there's ample cause, I think

Their sly old foe, the fox, is near.

Before a cackle they can say,

He pounces down, in haste to dine,

And bears the fattest goose away,

I hope it is not yours or mine. "

The message seems unsettling, especially to those of us who have grown accustomed to glittering cheer. And yet, it is sweet- may the fox never snatch your goose.

I said it before, life is complicated. We don't know what's ahead. We can't yet grasp the impacts our actions will have years from now.

In an effort to provide some historical perspective on this thought, I close out the final edition of Archival Anecdotes with a list of a few incredible things that happened 100 years ago, but still have an impact today.

In 1922,

• The first successful insulin treatment for diabetes was administered in Canada. Countless have benefited since.

• U.S.- Prohibition under new, additional Prohibition Laws, home brewing is illegal. Prohibition was lifted in 1933, and moonshine remains part of the modern vocabulary.

• Karel Capek's play R.U.R. debuts, introducing the word "robot" to the English language (and our imaginations as well.)

• The United States recognizes Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as countries. Each of these countries declared their independence from Russia in 1918. It's a bit of a long story, but these small Baltic countries are still around today.

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