Oberon Oracles: Sept. 27, 2021


September 27, 2021

Monday, Bill Kennedy from Ankeny, Iowa stopped by to visit and have lunch with John and Donna Grann and family.

John and Donna attended the Jamestown Jimmie JV football game in Mayville on Monday evening.

The Grann family attended the memorial service for Fr. Chuck at Seven Dolors Catholic Church in Ft. Totten on Wednesday.

Doris Griffin and other members of the wood carver’s group spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Steam Threshers Show in New Rockford.

Howard and Helen Schmid attended the funeral for Toni Smith in Bismarck on Friday.

The Schmid’s took in the Steam Threshers Show in New Rockford on Saturday.

Sunday, Howard and Helen enjoyed the musical show “Spin” at the Opera House in Maddock.

Monday, the members of the Roberts family along with other guests had a gathering in Rugby.

Lester Roberts visited with Chad Getscher on Thursday.

Saturday, Lester attended the Steam Threshers Show in New Rockford. Gene Woolley was Lester’s guest on his golf cart to enjoy the activities.

Randy Simon attended the Jr. High football game between New Rockford and McVille on Monday. Easton Simon is a member of the New Rockford team.

Tuesday, Randy and Charlotte watched Jaxon Simon play in the New Rockford vs. Harvey/Wells County 5th and 6th grade football game.

Mark, Tessa, Mason and Miles, and Carson, Heidi, Max and Elin Thompson were guests at Randy and Charlotte’s home for the weekend to attend the Renaissance activities in Maddock.

Randy, Carson, Tessa and Heidi golfed in the Glow Ball golf tournament Friday evening. The tournament was sponsored by Mark Simon Heritage Insurance.

Saturday morning Tessa, Mason, Miles, Elin and Max participated in the 5K Run/Walk event. Tessa and Mason did the 5K, and Miles, Max and Elin did the one mile.

Easton Simon played in the 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the Maddock City Park.

Breana and Michael Pacheco, Mavis and Waylon spent the weekend visiting family at the Buehler farm.

Beau Buehler, Brittin and Breana attended some of the Renaissance activities in Maddock on Saturday.

Floyd Hanson and his son dropped by the Buehler farm for a visit on Saturday afternoon.

Supper guests at the Todd and Nadley Buehler farm Saturday evening were Michael and Breana, Beau, Brittin, Hunter and Grace Buehler. On Sunday, the family had a birthday brunch to celebrate Breana’s birthday. Happy birthday, Breana.

Dave Kenner visited Todd last week.

Craig and Sandy Poulsen visited Dave and Linda Madson on Wednesday afternoon.

Linda and Syl Brown were Saturday afternoon coffee guests at Melodie Madson’s home.

Linda was a brief caller at Carrie and Paul Prince’s home on Sunday afternoon.

Words to Live By: There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks all of them.