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Living on Purpose: August 24, 2020


August 24, 2020

The Christian worldview of life is about learning what God requires and willingly accepting the call to become a devoted disciple of Christ. This life-changing decision has everything to do with yielding mind, body, and soul to the Creator of heaven and earth. It’s definitely worth considering since He has promised with all certainty that He is the way, the truth and the life. Most Bible scholars are convinced there are two categories of judgment and are commonly referred to as the saved and the unsaved. Even though there are levels of good and bad behavior, the basic concept describes a certain number of souls who are spiritually born-again and are declared as being a child of the Most High and on the other side of the fence there are those who willingly reject the invitation to become a member of God’s family and thus are referred to as spiritually lost. The deeds that were committed or omitted are known to God but the book of life will declare the eternal destination that only God has the perfect wisdom to address.

I consider myself as a student of God’s truth and much of the time a philosopher as well as a minister. It’s humbling to wade into the deeper waters of reason and purpose, and helping others in their relationship with Christ is a serious responsibility. I’ve listened to spiritual leaders and noticed that individuals who are committed to being His messengers are sincere, bold, and disciplined, yet at the same time they are rational thinkers filled with sorrow over a fallen humanity. Christ was filled with compassion and mercy while also being honestly blunt and the huge difference is that He was not a hypocrite as humans tend to be. I’ve made mistakes and taken some hard falls and it’s only with His endless mercy and grace that I live and move and have my being. I do not want to be remembered as someone who could talk about God but could not live for Him. What do you desire to be known for?

It is no secret that seekers of spiritual truth have lots of difficult questions. Beliefs are reference points within our learning process and as we dig deeper for God’s wisdom throughout our spiritual journey the more likely we are to add and subtract within our understanding. It has been said that knowledge is merely the accumulation of informational facts, but wisdom is the understanding of knowledge. May we careful to not be conformed to the world’s interpretations of truth. Things are not always the way they seem, which reveals the critical need for spiritual discernment. Unfortunately, the passion to discover these heavenly revelations seem to only matter to a small amount of the population and that is peculiar in itself, nevertheless we can agree as the fictional X-file agent Fox Mulder used to say, “the truth IS out there.” One of the most essential questions at the end of life is how much truth did the seeker find and even more important is how much of it did they comprehend and demonstrate? To sum up the meaning of life, we can say that, “God is absolute truth and our highest quest is to know Him, love Him, and obey Him.”

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