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History of New Rockford: July 13, 2020


July 13, 2020

On May 21, 1903, Gilbert Bymoen from northwest of town, Joseph Christ from the Superior District, Jack McAvoy from Tiffany, John Hogan, and A.F. Prouty were in on business. Attorney S.E. Ellsworth of Jamestown came up, on legal business. Marsh Chamberlain returned from a business trip “down east.” Mrs. W.O. Baird and Mrs. W.C. Beardsley returned from the Degree of Honor Grand Lodge in Grand Forks. Mrs. D.L. Little came home from Red Wing, Minn., where she had visited her parents for a month. Thomas H. Bollingberg came over from his Twist farm in Wells County on business. Lloyd Whiteman arrived from Oberon, having resigned his position in the drug store there; the next day he went to Lakota to work in the St. John Drug Store. Former New Rockford residents Mrs. P.J. Hester and daughter were on the southbound passenger train on their way from Portland, Ore., to their new home in Carrington; they stopped off while the train was in the station and greeted some old friends. C.J. Maddux took the train to Jamestown, where he met his wife and children who arrived from southern California; the family rode the train to New Rockford the next day.

The May 22, 1903, “Transcript” said the rain the previous night would help the crops.

Ads— F.W. House, Practical Watch Repairer. All kinds of Watch and Clock Repair. The East Side Livery Barn, Guss Gullicks, phone 7-7-a. The John B. Stetson Hat at H. Peoples, $5.

Assessor John Schaefer had been calling on residents.

 During the week Dr. G.D. Murphy was ill with typhoid. L.S. Ford was using crutches after jumping off a load of hay and spraining his ankle. Miss Harriet Patch had been confined to her room that week because of measles. John Henry had been in New Rockford a couple days that week after having been laid up with Bright’s Disease for eight months.

P.J. Lorig was constructing an 18x26 residence with 16-inch posts on Gregory Avenue East; it was already enclosed.

Sometime the previous week, former resident Charles Allen came down from York to visit.

Former residents A.E. Lindstrom and George Norman had formed a partnership to run a farm machinery business in Denhoff.

On May 22, Thomas Roycraft came in from eastern Eddy County on business. Dr. and Mrs. Charles MacLachlan returned from a meeting of the North Dakota Medical Association in Bismarck.

On May 22 to 23, D.D. Sullivan, optical specialist from Fargo, was supposed to be at the Hotel Davies, but had to cancel due to his ill mother.

On May 23, H.B. Johnson of Plainview and Will Thorn came in on business. Messrs. Rager, Hudson, Bucklin and Wilson went out east to the Sheyenne River on a fishing trip; they returned the next evening with their catch of “slathers of the finny tribe.”

At 1 p.m. May 23, the Eddy County Teachers’ Association met in Sheyenne. The program opened with a song by the Sheyenne School students. Sheyenne principal Ellen Mattson read a paper and Ernest Dodds played a violin solo. Carolyn Trainor presented “Teaching Foreign Children to Read” and Harriet Jefferson led a general discussion before C.T. Morrison gave a recitation. Minnie Jenson led a model class in first grade reading.

On Sunday, May 24, Mass was held in the Catholic church; P.J. Lorig had almost completed the construction on the addition. Memorial Day services in the Congregational Church featured Judge J.H. Hauser of Aberdeen, S.D., as a speaker; he had served as a Union captain in the Civil War and gave a “stirring and eloquent Memorial address.” At 8 p.m. there was a special song service in the Methodist Church, directed by Prof. J.N. Moore; there was “a large and appreciative congregation.” In baseball that afternoon in New Rockford, it was the home team 11, Barlow 1. P.J. Hester and Miss Blanche came up from Carrington for a few days because he had several cases in the District Court. John Topp from the McHenry area came in on business.

On May 25, Mrs. Peter Crane came in to shop. Bank of New Rockford cashier E.S. Severtson left for Minneapolis to join his wife for a trip across the Atlantic to visit his parents and to help improve his health; they planned on seeing England, France and Germany, and to return in August. Mrs. R.M. Kennedy went to Fargo to see her little son who was hospitalized there.

On that day, the District Court convened at 1 p.m. in New Rockford. S.L. Glaspell was the presiding judge; Ed Rose was the court reporter. Peter Carlson came down for jury duty. Prominent criminal cases were State vs. Cahill and State vs. Doyen; there were also a number of civil cases, some of which were the following:

John R. Schultz vs. Helen Pfau was continued by stipulation; lawyers were Maddux & Rinker for the Plaintiff; Manly for the Defendant.

Charles E. Schultz vs. Helen Pfau was continued by stipulation; lawyers were Maddux & Rinker for the Plaintiff; Manly for the Defendant.

Minnie Halverson vs. Rockford School Township was continued by stipulation; lawyers were Lee Combs for the Plaintiff; P.M. Mattson for the Defendant.

M.T. O’Connor vs. Anton Tociotoski was settled out of court; lawyers were Ellsworth for the Plaintiff; Manly for the Defendant.

M.T. O’Connor vs. Dakota Elevator Co. was settled out of court; lawyers were Ellsworth for the Plaintiff; Manly for the Defendant.

M. Ellingson vs. Lahart was continued by stipulation; lawyers were Louden for the Plaintiff; Maddux & Rinker for the Defendant.

Davidson vs. Dakota Elevator Co. saw a judgment for the Plaintiff by stipulation for $136; lawyers were Maddux & Rinker for the Plaintiff; Manly for the Defendant.

A.B. Davidson vs. Hester was dismissed on Plaintiff’s motion, without prejudice; a judgment for costs for the Defendant was appealed from Justice Court; lawyers were Manly for the Plaintiff; Maddux & Rinker for the Defendant.

Garnaas vs. Erickson was appealed [from Justice Court?]; it was dismissed without prejudice on the Plaintiff’s motion, with costs to the Defendant; lawyers were Maddux & Rinker for the Plaintiff; Manly for the Defendant.


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