Oberon Oracles: Nov. 18, 2019


November 18, 2019

Doris Griffin’s guests, sister Sally Dickerson of Rapid City, S.D., her daughter Penny Leidig and Roger Storvik of Bergen, Norway left Doris’ home on Monday. Penny and Roger enjoyed watching the geese fly over as they had not seen that before. They also had a good time putting a cow back in the pasture, as that was a new experience as well.

Doris had the carving class in Maddock Monday afternoon.

Friday, Tom and Pam Schmid were joined by Jakob and his girlfriend, Alison Widmer of Bismarck to attend the Bison football game in Fargo on Saturday.

Greg, Stacey and Brody Geston of Fargo were weekend guests at Tom and Pam’s home. The Geston’s were there for hunting.

Gene Woolley visited Lester Roberts on Wednesday.

Lester kept a medical appointment on Thursday. Chad Getscher and Lester went out for supper Thursday evening.

Lester was in New Rockford on business on Friday.

Roger Roberts, Lezlee Thorson and Bobbi Duberowski of Parkers Prairie, Minn., were Saturday visitors at Lester’s home.

Chad, Lezlee and Bobbi visited Lester on Sunday.

Randy and Charlotte Simon traveled to Bismarck-Mandan Tuesday to attend the North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives meeting in Mandan and the Basin Electric Annual meeting in Bismarck on Thursday. The Simons returned home on Thursday afternoon.

Larry Midstokke visited Todd Buehler Saturday afternoon.

Granddaughter, Brittin Buehler spent some time with Todd and Nadley on Saturday.

Hunter Buehler visited Grace Ihry in Hope, N.D., over the weekend.

Nadley joined Sherry Boehmer and Carol Fossum for a shopping trip in Carrington Sunday afternoon. The ladies also paid a visit to Elaine Green in New Rockford.

Johnny Grann’s cousin, Holden Grann spent the weekend with the John Grann family. Johnny helped Holden bag a whitetail buck.

Troy Howard of Bismarck and Raymond Buckmeier of Brinsmade were weekend visitors at the Grann residence.

John and Donna went to the “Grand Funk Railroad” concert at the Spirit Lake Casino Saturday night.

Gene Woolley was a supper guest at the Grann home Sunday evening.

Carrie Madson visited Dave and Linda Madson Thursday afternoon.

Melodie, Kennedee and McKenzee Madson were supper guests at Dave and Linda’s on Friday evening.

A Thought To Remember: Trying to dim someone else’s light doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.


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