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  • New loos approved for Warsing Dam

    Nathan Price|Apr 10, 2023

    Taking care of business at Warsing Dam will soon be more enjoyable than ever. That’s right, county commissioners have moved forward with a plan to tear down and rebuild the bathrooms at the recreation area just east of Sheyenne. At their regular meeting on Tuesday, April 4, commissioners reviewed the floor plan and cost estimate for the project, provided by local contractor Dave Chenze. The plan is to tear down the two existing bathrooms, which have become old and unsightly, and replace them w...

  • Cuts to music staff at NR-S off table

    Nathan Price|Apr 10, 2023

    New Rockford-Sheyenne School Board President, Mike Jacobson, has announced the district is no longer considering the reduction of a music position. The potential of losing a music teacher had stirred strong emotions and generated spirited debate within the community and at subsequent school board meetings. The option was presented along with other potential spending cuts after preliminary budget projections had the school’s expenses exceeding their 2023-24 revenue by more than $100,000. Other o...

  • Cropland values in region hit new high

    Apr 10, 2023

    Despite high production costs to start 2022, net farm incomes remained high, helping facilitate a sharp rise in land prices for 2023, says Bryon Parman, North Dakota State University (NDSU) Extension agricultural finance specialist. The statewide average land price increase from 2022 to 2023 was 13.46 percent, which is higher than last year’s increase of 10.9 percent. Rents were also up considerably, rising 6.82 percent statewide, marking the largest increase in 10 years. The east-central region, which encompasses both Foster and Eddy c...

  • City's recent water issues caused by chemical mishap

    Amy Wobbema|Apr 10, 2023

    “This brown water keeps rearing its ugly head around town,” President Stuart Richter told commissioners and the public at the New Rockford City Commission’s April 3 meeting. He had met with Interstate Engineering after complaints had come pouring in again about water quality issues. Wage Senger of Interstate Engineering prepared a written report outlining the issues and their course of action to address them, which Richter reviewed with the commission. The most recent round of unsavory water...

  • Winter's last hurrah?

    Apr 10, 2023

    The eastern half of North Dakota got pummeled by winter weather yet again last week. In this screenshot from the ND Roads app taken around 9 p.m. on Wednesday, April 5, nearly all the roads in eastern North Dakota were closed to motorists, and dozens of incidents were reported. Around 6-8 inches of snow fell in our area, (much less than the 13-20 predicted), and blizzard conditions impacted travel. Crews worked all day Wednesday and Thursday to clear roads, and as of press time many had...

  • 27 archers headed to Utah

    Nathan Price|Apr 10, 2023

    Local archers are gearing up for the NASP Western Nationals in Sandy, Utah, as the NR-S archery program continues its most successful year ever. At the state tournament in Minot, the entire NR-S middle school team brought home the program’s first-ever team championship, and Layton Jacobson defended his state championship in 3D archery for middle school boys. Six other individual archers also performed extremely well, bringing the total number of NR-S archers who qualified for the NASP Western N...

  • Enchanted Forest NR-S Junior Prom 2023

    Apr 10, 2023

    On Saturday, April 1, 42 high school students strutted their stuff at NR-S Prom 2023. The theme, "Enchanted Forest," was illustrated by green vines, white draperies and twinkling lights. This year the trend was glitz and glamour, as many of the girls donned sleek dresses with high slits and lots of sparkle in a variety of colors. All attendees received fun swag, including water cups with straws, sunglasses and glowsticks....

  • Northern Plains announces Operation Round Up charitable grant recipients

    Apr 10, 2023

    At their March meeting, the Northern Plains Electric Operation Round Up board of directors approved grants totaling $8,500 to help support worthy causes. These charitable grants are made possible through the generosity of Northern Plains Electric Cooperative members who voluntarily elect to have their electric bills rounded up to the next dollar. The donated amount averages about 50 cents a month for each participating member and raises approximately $37,000 each year. Since the program’s beginning in October 1998, grants totaling $908,737 h...

  • Good news for Jacobson

    Apr 10, 2023

    NR-S sophomore Bailey Jacobson is cancer-free. That's according to her care team at Sanford's Roger Maris Cancer Center in Fargo. As shown above, Jacobson rang the bell to celebrate that her cancer had gone into remission on Tuesday, March 28. "Today we got to hear the sweet sweet sound of victory," mom Karla wrote on Facebook that day. Bailey was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in September 2022....

  • New Rockford-Sheyenne Board of Education Agenda: April 10, 2023

    Apr 10, 2023

    AGENDA New Rockford-Sheyenne Board of Education Regular Meeting – Cafeteria Monday, April 10th, 2023, 7:00 p.m. I. REGULAR ITEMS A. Call to order, roll call, establishment of quorum, and approval of agenda. B. Consent agenda. Attachments. Discussion. Motion. 1. Approve minutes of March 13th, 2023 regular meeting and the March 29, 2023 special meeting 2. Business Manager’s report. a. Balance Sheet. b. General Fund Revenue Report. c. General Fund Expenditure Report. d. Building Fund. e. Sinking and Interest Fund. f. Food Service Fund. g. Act... Full story

  • 701 Rundown: April 10, 2023

    Nathan Price|Apr 10, 2023

    Here’s your weekly rundown of some of the most interesting headlines from newspapers across North Dakota. Racist taunting at sporting events gets legislative attention As the 68th legislative session is currently underway in Bismarck, recent racist comments at high school basketball games in Jamestown and Dickinson have prompted discussions among legislators and many others statewide. In a game between Jamestown High School and Bismarck High School on January 31, a video captured students in t...

  • Pleasant Prairie News: April 10, 2023

    Charlotte Koepplin|Apr 10, 2023

    Brief visitor on Saturday at the Margie Anderson home was Patti Larson. Last Monday morning, Karen Koepplin was a visitor at the Charlotte Koepplin home. Saturday found Jimmy Indegaard a visitor and dinner guest at the Dennis and Fran Walen farm. Sharon Laxdal called Jimmy on Friday and Monday. Saturday, Jimmy was a supper guest at the Andy and Ruth Braaten home and he enjoyed a visit over supper Wednesday at his uncle Mervin Indergaard’s home. Charlotte Koepplin enjoyed a phone call with Bob Longnecker from his home in Minnesota on S...

  • Talk of the Town: April 10, 2023

    Charlotte Koepplin|Apr 10, 2023

    Monday, Calvin Packard and mom Shirley did necessary errands around town. Saturday helpers at Shirley’s were Todd Harrison and Calvin. David and Karen Anderson and Kathy Anderson were among those who took in the Community Credit Union annual meeting and supper at the Eagles Club on Thursday. Eloise Lucht had a safe trip to Minot on Thursday where she had an appointment for her eyes. Marvis Holte returned home last Sunday from Bismarck where she recently had surgery. She is happy to be home and receiving calls, visits and cards from family a...

  • Sheyenne News: April 10, 2023

    Patti Clifton|Apr 10, 2023

    March 28, Patti Clifton rode along to Maddock with Jeff and Denise Labrensz. They attended the North Star Community Credit Union supper and annual meeting. Last Thursday, Jan Loe and Patti Clifton went to New Rockford where they attended the open house at James River Dentistry at their new building downtown. Dr. Cudworth gave them a tour. Beautiful addition to downtown New Rockford! Later, they attended the Community Credit Union Annual Meeting and supper at the Eagles Club. Patti Clifton had breakfast at the Sheyenne Fire Dept.'s annual...

  • Are the regulatory burdens we put on businesses worth it?

    Peter Roff|Apr 10, 2023

    It’s budget time again – and the one President Joe Biden proposed is a beaut! Biden’s budget proposal is the kind of thing only a progressive could get enthused about. It grows the executive branch’s regulatory power, takes total yearly spending to nearly $10 trillion by 2033 (up from just over $6 billion now, post-Covid) and depends on increased regulatory enforcement actions to bring additional revenue in. That last idea is especially bad. Biden ran for the nomination as the moderate alterna...

  • Tax Day Wordplay

    Amy Wobbema|Apr 10, 2023

    "Death, taxes and childbirth! There's never any convenient time for any of them," writes author Margaret Mitchell. I second that, and I will add blizzards to the list, especially after the winter we've had in good ole NoDak. Tax Day is April 18, and this year it's a doozy. The IRS changed the W-4 form a couple of years ago, and since then many of us have been trying to crack the code that tells us exactly how many extra dollars to have withheld from each paycheck to avoid paying a boatload of...

  • U. of Wyoming Transgender lawsuit: Who is a woman?

    David Adler|Apr 10, 2023

    A federal lawsuit reflective of the nationwide culture wars is challenging the right of a University of Wyoming sorority to induct a transgender woman, raising questions of central importance to the First Amendment Right of freedom of association and Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The issues in the suit are likely to be replicated across the nation as the judicial system wrestles with legislative efforts to regulate, distinguish and deny opportunities and rights of the LGBTQ community. Seven past and present members have filed suit in...

  • Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: Block 2 Part II of IV

    Kathy O'Connor|Apr 10, 2023

    Lily and Pete Trudeau – Lily (Lord) Trudeau was born on April 15, 1874 in Goodland, Indiana and died on December 27, 1963 at St. Joseph Manor in Edgeley, Lamoure County, N.D. at the age of 89. Peter Eloy Trudeau was born on December 8, 1875 in Indiana as stated on his World War I draft registration, and died on February 24, 1965 in the Edgeley, N.D. Home for the Aged at the age of 90. In the 1900 Census, Pete and Lily were living in Pembroke Township, Kankakee, Illinois with three children – Leo, Frances and Eveline (Genevieve). In the 191...

  • Sermonette: April 10, 2023

    Pastor Joe Greiner|Apr 10, 2023

    “Come and See!” Those are the words that greet the women who first discovered the empty tomb. They come Sunday morning with spices, but without a plan to move the stone. As they wonder about what they’re going to do about the stone, they are greeted by not only the stone moved, but an angelic visitor. “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here, for he has risen, as he said. Come, see the place where he lay.” Matthew 28:5b-6 “Come and see!” The angel challenges the women to test his words. If the massiv...

  • Within our Walls: Role of laboratory technicians at CHI

    Nora Klocke|Apr 10, 2023

    As lab techs, we are often in the background, the “unseen” health care professionals, but did you know that 70 percent of medical decisions are based on laboratory results? It is very important that the results we provide are accurate and precise. We guarantee this by performing daily quality control on the tests we perform and taking part in regulated proficiency testing programs that have strict testing guidelines and requirements. We are a CLIA certified laboratory and are inspected by the state of North Dakota every other year. We cur...

  • Archival Anecdotes: Share the History

    Rachel Brazil|Apr 10, 2023

    I am counting the days until the snow piles outside the museum melt and allow access to any of the buildings, and the artifacts within. Don't get me wrong, I love the photographs and stories I've been working with all winter, but I get especially excited to document and display artifacts. All the clues can come together to provide us with incredible insight. Last spring I had a particularly delightful time extracting wedding dresses and suits from the various closets. It's easy to understand...

  • History of New Rockford: April 10, 2023

    K.C. Gardner Jr.|Apr 10, 2023

    On Nov. 16, 1905, Mr. and Mrs. George R. Williams came in to shop. E.C. Overton came in from west of town. The funeral for ten-year-old James Welsh of Sheyenne was held; his uncle William Welsh had come up the day before to attend. Mrs. H.J. Row and Mrs. F.P. Roush, both of Tiffany, were in to shop and visit. That afternoon, Lenora Marriage and Earl Harris visited Phillips Academy. Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Hudson went to the Twin Cities; they attended the Minnesota-Nebraska football game and returned...

  • Savvy Senior: New RMD rules for 2023

    Jim Miller|Apr 10, 2023

    Dear Savvy Senior, What are the new rules on required minimum distributions from IRAs and 401(k)s? I will turn 72 this year and want to be clear on what I’m required to do. Planning Ahead Dear Planning, Thanks to the SECURE Act 2.0 that was passed by Congress last December, there are several new rules that affect required minimum distributions (RMDs) from traditional IRAs, 401(k)s and other tax-deferred retirement accounts. These changes, which build on the original SECURE Act of 2019, are a b...

  • Pardon our dust

    Kyrie Dauenhauer|Apr 10, 2023

    The New Rockford-Sheyenne track and field team traveled to Minot State University to compete in the CNDC Indoor on Friday, March 31. A total of 29 NR-S athletes competed in the meet, with many scoring in the top 10, along with many personal records and meet records. The Belquist sisters were top-placers for the girls' team. Kelsie Belquist took first place in the 55-meter dash, the 55-meter hurdles and the 200-meter dash. In the 55-meter hurdles, K. Belquist set a new meet record with a time of...

  • The Triple Threat compete at State

    Nathan Price|Apr 10, 2023

    From March 31 through April 1, The Triple Threat capped off their strong season at the esports state tournament in Grand Forks. The Triple Threat's only team to qualify for state was their Fortnite team, which includes New Rockford-Sheyenne's Kadyn Abell, an eighth-grader, and four players from Garrison. Fortnite is a third-person battle royale game, in which players are dropped onto a large map in teams of three, and must battle until only one team is left standing. During the regular season,...

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