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  • Letter to the Editor: What are they hiding?

    Larry Danduran|Dec 25, 2023

    Freedom of speech hits home in New Rockford. Chairman Dave Gehrtz of the New Rockford County Commission has denied Committee members of District 14 Republican Party Larry Danduran, Jason Steidl and Chairman Bill Kuntz to address the commission regarding a hardware issue with our absentee ES&S 450 voting machines. I showed up early for the Dec. 5 meeting to find out why we were denied the opportunity to address the commission. I, Larry Danduran, resident of Eddy Co have served as past member of St. John’s Parish Council, New Rockford Park B...

  • Letter to the Editor: When are New Rockford utilities considered a tax and not a service?

    Larry Danduran|Jun 12, 2023

    Upon receiving a utility bill for water, sewer and garbage service on an investment housing property I’m in the process of rehabilitating, I promptly reached out to our city auditor Becki Schumacher, as we had not received any prior bills to date. We purchased the property from Eddy County at auction on the courthouse steps. The property was abandoned and had gone back to the county for failure to pay taxes. We’ve owned the property for about 1 ½ years and have been working on bringing it up to standards as a rental. We have since been prom...

  • Letter to the Editor: March 26, 2018

    Larry Danduran|Mar 26, 2018

    Response to Letter to the Editor published March 19  At first I thought you were wanting to march for the life of babies; but after reading your request, I wanted to share with you why I can’t support this movement. First of all, what is an assault weapon? Second, the 2nd Ammendment doesn’t speak of any particular arm. It was written to protect our nation from a tyrannical government. With that in mind please understand what a citizen could be up against. Because of the 2nd I have no fear of tyrannical government. Look what is happening in Ve...