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  • Letter to the Editor: March 11, 2024

    Bill Ziegler|Mar 11, 2024

    We've just finished the football season and I'm looking at a painful correlation. In football there's a penalty for piling. A player's down and other players crush him. But in society, law enforcement, and sadly family, it's okay. It's stated in the Bible our debts are paid and put away as far as the east, forgotten. The court declares you've done your time and paid your fine, you're free. But in our little town we have court house officials, neighbors and even family that believe they are higher than our creator and the courts. In Psalm 56:8,...

  • Letter to the Editor: Reality Check

    Bill Ziegler|Dec 11, 2023

    Wishful thinking/daydreaming is fun but keep an honest eye on the horizon. Mom had a saying, "don't let your eyes be bigger than your stomach." Throwing around big numbers, looking for grants and raising taxes is tempting but isn't realistic when held up to the light of long-term past and future demographic change. Anomalies are an unsteady thing. Spend millions on a school addition because there's a big first grade! Well, the 13 seniors last year started as a class of 30 a few years ago. Spend three or four hundred thousand on a show hall! On...

  • Letter to the Editor: January 11, 2021

    Bill Ziegler|Jan 11, 2021

    Only a minority ignore the city's ordinances concerning pets and parking but enough to be annoying. Pets in city limits must be on a leash, kennel, or in a fenced yard. So why am I often seeing dog tracks around my livestock and doo-doo droppings all over. If I wanted to step in it I'd get a dog. And parking!! Vehicles can only sit on streets and avenues for 72 hours. With snow removal in winter and street sweeping in summer I see the city crew having to go around vehicles, boats and hunting trailers left parked for weeks. I think some ticket...